When does third-trimester start: overview


When does third-trimester start: the overview

You have gone through two-thirds of your pregnancy, what to expect in the last three months?

The third trimester of your pregnancy, from week 28 to week 40, you will experience a period of remarkable growth and development of your baby. It starts to develop fat under the skin and to look more like the baby you expect to see at birth.

When does third-trimester start: overview
When does third-trimester start: overview

Portrait miniature

  • By the end of week 32, it will undoubtedly weigh 2 kg and will measure about 28 cm. He will continue to gain weight quickly so that at the time of birth he weighs about 3.5 to 4 kg.
  • It will develop a sleep-wake cycle, and you may be able to recognize when it is awakened and that it moves and when it sleeps.
  • You will also see periods of rhythmic movements: baby has hiccups!

During the last trimester, your baby begins to suck his thumb or to make sucking movements with his mouth. He will know how to suckle at birth. His eyelids are no longer stuck, he can now open and close his eyes regularly. It develops its ability to see and hear, and you will find that it is more and more receptive to the stimuli of your environment, such as sounds, music or light.

The comfort zone

During the last trimester, you are probably experiencing physical discomfort, due to the size and weight of your baby. Maybe you feel quickly out of breath when the baby starts to press the diaphragm and lungs. The stairs and little strolls in the neighborhood become more painful. Back pain and fatigue will slow you down because of the weight you are wearing.

Go slowly

  • Take advantage of this moment to slow down and be less demanding towards yourself. Ask friends or family to help you as soon as possible.
  • You may find it difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep at night, and you will probably have to go to the bathroom more often if the baby is resting on your bladder. Drinking less before going to bed should help.
  • Many women also notice swelling (edema) of their ankles and feet due to water retention in their bodies. Raise your legs as soon as you can to deflate them.
  • Emotionally, perhaps you will get enough of this pregnancy. You want to carry your baby in the arms, and not in your womb!

Here are some additional tips to make you feel more comfortable and help you thrive during the third quarter:

  • If time permits, take a walk several times a week. The fresh air will reinvigorate you; it will activate the circulation and reduce specific pains and stiffnesses.
  • Participate in prenatal classes to have relaxation tips and learn stretching exercises. Use the relaxation exercises given here with pictures and music to help you relax and focus on the expected time.
  • Sleep on the side at night to be more comfortable. Use cushions to raise your legs and support your back. Sleep at least seven hours every night and take naps during the day to be as rested as possible at childbirth.
  • Inform yourself as much as possible. Information on work, birth and baby care will help you reassure yourself and prepare for events.
  • Respect your weekly prenatal appointment so your doctor can track your progress to both before birth. Knowing that everything is going well, you can relax and enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy.

Looking to the Future

You know that your baby is growing well and that he is healthy, you feel him move and kick stronger, you prepare his birth, you choose the first name, you buy clothes, and you gather everything you will need at home because you realize that in a few weeks it will be there.
This is a magical moment so try to relax and enjoy it. You’re almost done!

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