When does morning sickness begin


When does morning sickness begin

Pregnancy nausea is one of the most common ailments of pregnant women. If they are unpleasant, remedies for pregnancy nausea can, fortunately, be used to relieve them.

When does morning sickness begin
When does morning sickness begin

When do nausea begin and when do they stop?

This symptom is very different from one woman to another and even one pregnancy to another.

Some women may begin to experience mild nausea from the first week of conception. It is one of the symptoms that put the chip in the ear of a possible pregnancy, and some women will never have nausea. The situation is not dangerous in most cases, and there is no risk to the mother or the fetus.

We have found that:

  • nausea begins between 4 and six weeks of pregnancy on average and disappears totally towards 12 to 14 of pregnancy.
  • Nausea is more or less severe, with a degree of intensity that varies with time and may even lead to vomiting and even dehydration (consultation and hospitalization may be necessary).

Pregnancy nausea: especially in the first trimester

Pregnancy nausea appears early enough in many pregnant women, starting at 3 to 4 weeks of pregnancy. They often last throughout the first trimester and may be accompanied by vomiting of pregnancy. These ailments are due to the significant hormonal fluctuations associated with the onset of pregnancy but usually disappear by themselves before the second trimester. However, in some women, nausea can last until childbirth … This being said, it is not systematic: some pregnant women never suffer from it or have it during their first pregnancy, but not by the second Conversely).

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When does pregnancy nausea occur?

The pregnancy nausea may appear two weeks after conception, or four weeks of pregnancy. However, most often they affect the pregnant woman around the sixth week. Nausea can occur at any time of the day and night.

The exact cause of pregnancy nausea is unknown but is believed to be related to the increase in human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), “pregnancy hormone,” and estrogen. Thyroxine, a thyroid hormone, would also play a role.

Is there an explanation?

To date, no research has been able to determine the official reason for this problem. Some think it is linked to the rise in HCG, others to changes in smell, still others who believe that it is li at the time when your baby undergoes the most evolution.

The HCG Hormone

It is certain that the hormone HCG plays a role in your body. This hormone progresses rapidly in early pregnancy to reach a peak at about 7-8 weeks of pregnancy and then gradually decline.


It is evident to many women; the slightest odor can become a hell. Usually, your perfumes, your favorite soap, your favorite dish, your favorite plant can become total disgust and cause vomiting.
Smell is developed in pregnant women with severe nausea and vomiting. You can even smell that others will not feel, you become a real detector for a while.
This problem accentuates the vomiting since everything is disgust.

Some researchers have looked at the issue and have linked some surprising elements such as the result of some women with a genetic disorder that combines sterility and loss of smell. Through appropriate treatments, these women can access a pregnancy … and be spared from nausea.

What to do about pregnancy nausea?

There are several remedies for pregnancy nausea. Vitamin B6 may also be mentioned (with medical agreement) or using foods containing it (meat, legumes, cereals). Soft drinks, lemon water, and ginger can also help mild pregnancy nausea. In parallel, it is advisable to eat a biscuit or a biscotti before getting out of bed, rising gently. Splitting meals (5 small meals, for example) is also recommended. Think about homeopathy and acupuncture against pregnancy nausea.

A cure?

As you have sought and found to relieve this rather long passage. Is there a medicine? A Grandmother’s Cure? Is there a way?

Sorry to disappoint you, there is not much to do to see them DISAPPEARING, there is the only time. All the tricks below allowed me to relieve myself temporarily, and some did not do anything at all.

  • First of all, if you bear it hard, consult your doctor, maybe you can prescribe a medication solution. You have to know that sometimes this helps and sometimes it has no effect.
  • Eat as often as possible. Instead of having three hearty meals a day (which will become impossible with nausea), spread out your food to swallow it by small mouthful, every 1/4 hour if necessary.

Indeed, if you delay too much. Your stomach is emptied, the sensation is stronger and more disagreeable. Moreover, when you stimulate your digestive system again brutally, (with an empty stomach), you can vomit.

  • Get up. Nausea is not just morning; it can be present until bedtime in the evening. However, in the morning, your stomach is empty again. Do not get up too fast. Have on your bedside table, cracottes, rusks, cereals that you can crunch lying. Sit down and force yourself to eat this cracker.
  • Very low blood sugar. It was also noticed that nausea was stronger when the blood sugar level was low. It is therefore important to increase it by consuming carbohydrates. That is why we usually recommend cracottes, rusks, bread, cereals, sweetened drinks … The blood sugar rises 20 to 30 minutes after the start of the meal.
  • Burp.A little charming but relieving. Sometimes it is hard to swallow the food, you are not hungry, and nothing seems to pass. You feel a kind of size in your digestive tract or down the throat. A real rot would make all this happen. Drink as much as you can from sparkling drinks. Coca-Cola is, of course, a drink that is a strongly discouraged diet but I can assure you that it will not hurt to consume a few cans for a few weeks. Drink if you can use sparkling waters such as BADOIT, VICHY WATER, SCHWEPPES, ORANGINA, COCA COLA, SEVEN UP … This makes more rote, but it relieves actively for some time.

WARNING these drinks are NOT to be consumed during pregnancy but only for 4 to 8 weeks to help you to support nausea.

  • Not hungry and sickly! Pasta, rice, thick purée. Be capricious, consume foods that tempt you. If food disgusts you, do not touch it. Even if you have a period when fruits and vegetables are no longer your friends, so be it bad but you have to eat something less dietetic because if you vomit, you finally do not feed yourself enough and this can become troublesome.
  • Fruits and vegetables.If it becomes a problem to consume them, try to find variants to make them into well-mixed soup or salad. Bottled fruit juices will never be as good as the real ones, but it can help to consume a little bit anyway.
  • The lemon. For some women, lemon removes a bad taste in the mouth and contributes to passing nausea. Be careful, too, with the fruits and vegetables with heartburn that will arrive at full gallop. Ask your doctor if you can consume GAVISCON which will relieve heartburn.
  • Liquids.Water can become unbearable to consume. Replace with water-based fruit juices or water with grenadine. Replace with soups in water; it takes liquid not to dehydrate.
  • Cheeses. Cheeses can be a valuable aid. If it tempts you, consume rather hard cheeses such as Gruyere. You can also see for individual servings like the Babbel. Indeed, you can nibble a single baby in 1 hour, and your nausea may decrease. The cheeses apericubes, more expensive, but sometimes very useful. A clogged and you are pretty much quiet for 20 minutes.
  • Eat slowly. This amounts to consuming your meals throughout the day, piece by piece.
  • Avoid spicy, fried, fatty foods. If you have never had an acetone crisis (liver crisis), many people suffer from fatty acids, incompatible foods and nausea, and vomiting similar to pregnancy. If you have this nausea, you will increase the symptom by consuming these fatty or spicy foods.
  • Do not lie down just after eating. Stand up and walk a little. Leave a rot that will release your chest.
  • tight clothing. Avoid tightening the belt of a pant, do not tighten your stomach, do not compress your chest by a small bra. You can easily wear the dress or the overalls.
  • Air the house. To avoid stale smells, open and ventilate as much room as possible.
  • If you are prone to gestational diabetes like me, monitor your diet and blood sugar as often as possible.
  • If your nausea prevents you from going out of your house, try to take 5 minutes each day if you can breathe air outside (a balcony, a backyard ….)

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