What happens in the second quarter?


What happens in the second quarter?
The second trimester is often considered the most enjoyable period of pregnancy. The nausea of the first three months has disappeared and the disadvantages of the third quarter are still far …

What happens in the second quarter
What happens in the second quarter

No more nausea, a cute belly … than happiness this second quarter!

  • “It is often considered that this second trimester is the most pleasant period: nausea disappears and the disadvantages of the third quarter are still far away. Also, pregnancy begins to see, and women are often proud of it, “says Barbara Petit-Lamzalah, a midwife at the maternity hospital Delafontaine in Saint-Denis.
  • The weight gain, very discreet in the first quarter, is accentuated at this time. Your stomach rounds and you start to feel your baby move.
  • Also, corticosteroid stimulating hormones correct the numbing influence of progesterone. Result: you feel in shape. As long as the hormonal influx gives you a peach complexion, thicker, shinier hair and stronger nails, you radiate.
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Second Quarter: Hormones Want Good

Decisively very active, the hormones influence each other, stimulating the action of the one that acts on the coloring of your skin: the substance melanotropic.

  • Your nipples darken, as well as your possible scars. This explains the appearance of some women of the famous brown line (the linea nigra) connecting the pubis and the navel. What is it due to? Do not forget that you too, you were initially an embryo. However, the latter initially has the “uncovered” organs. Gradually, the skin wrapped them, meeting at the level of the belly and creating this scarred area.
  • The browner your hair and skin is, the colored the area will be. Blondes with bright skins, however, are little affected by this phenomenon of hormonal hyperpigmentation. Brune or blonde, on the other hand, avoid exposing yourself to the sun. Otherwise, the pregnancy mask, an accumulation of brown spots on the forehead, cheeks, and chin, which it is sometimes difficult to get rid of, differs from the brown line that disappears after childbirth.

2nd quarter: some clouds

  • Of course, not all women react the same way to these upheavals. Some will have acne. It is the injustice of pregnancy! If this is your case, consult a dermatologist for advice on which cream to use. Beware, some treatments against acne are contraindicated during these nine months.
  • During the fifth month, you may also see varicose veins on your legs and bluish veins on your breasts. Increasing your blood volume causes a dilation of your veins, a phenomenon that decreases a lot, until often reabsorbed, after childbirth.
  • This vasodilatation also explains that pregnant women are often prone to hemorrhoids, a phenomenon accentuated by constipation. If you are concerned about this problem, do not hesitate to consult your doctor without delay. The crises being extremely painful, it is useless to wait to suffer to intervene.

2nd quarter: what is changing?

  • Outside. Under the action of the hormones, a brown line connecting the navel and the pubis appears. Your complexion is radiant, your hair and nails fortified.
  • Inside. All of your baby’s organs are there. It bathes in its aquatic bubble. You start to feel it moving. Your uterus gains 4 cm in height per month.
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