To be followed by a midwife during your pregnancy, what does it change?


To be followed by a midwife during your pregnancy, what does it change?

Choosing a midwife or not? Moreover, according to what criteria? The question often arises from the first days of pregnancy …

That is it! You are now sure: you are pregnant! You now have several questions: what the first name to choose for baby? What will be the color of his room? Who will be your child’s sponsors? Which clinic for your childbirth? However, there is one more important question than the others: Who can choose to monitor your pregnancy and birth? A midwife, or a gynecologist?

20,000 midwives practice in France and can follow your pregnancy

In a health facility (hospital or clinic).
In the context of a PMI clinic.
Through their Liberal cabinet.

To be followed by a midwife during your pregnancy, what does it change?
To be followed by a midwife during your pregnancy, what does it change?

Who is going to give birth?

At the clinic, the work is taken care of by a midwife and the delivery is done by the obstetrician who followed your pregnancy or, failing that, who and custody.
At the hospital, the midwife works and, in the absence of pathology, carries out the deliveries that normally take place.

For a Caesarean section, a complication, a childbirth by the seat, the birth of twins, the need to use forceps … the obstetrician intervenes.
So you can very well give birth without seeing the obstetrician at all if everything goes well.

Why choose to be followed by a midwife?

Even if you want a more natural pregnancy, you will not be able to ignore a minimum of pregnancy follow-up. In the case of a so-called “physiological” pregnancy, that is to say with no particular problems, the monitoring of your pregnancy can in most cases be done by a midwife.

The work of the midwife will be done throughout your pregnancy. She will be able to:

Declaring Your Pregnancy
Make monthly consultations
Carry out the prenatal maintenance of the 4th month
Practice ultrasound
Help you to decrypt your analysis results
Preparing for Birth
You give birth
Ensure your post-natal follow-up and that of your baby
A midwife will be helpful in giving you advice or reassurance about the small problems of pregnancy, childbirth, and post-delivery. All these questions that you turlupinenent but that you dare not always ask your gynecologist.

For example, your midwife can give you valuable advice on all small (and small) pregnancy aches: heavy legs, cramps, nausea or sleep problems. She will also know how to reassure you and guide you in all matters concerning breastfeeding, the choice of preparation for childbirth (sophrology, yoga, aquatic training …) and the anxieties you may have about vagrancy.

So, midwife or a gynecologist?

In France, for “safe” pregnancies, 60% of deliveries are done by midwives and 40% of gynecologists and obstetricians.

Gynecologists and gynecologists-obstetricians will intervene in any way in cases where your childbirth is accompanied by some complications. It is also possible to have you followed by a gynecologist in a public hospital, requesting a private consultation.

If you choose the private sector (for example, clinics) for your pregnancy, follow-up by a gynecologist-obstetrician will be almost automatic: your gynecologist will be your only contact for nine months, even if your pregnancy Passes quite regularly and poses no risk.
In any case, do not forget that a gynecologist is a specialist doctor: the follow-up that he will offer will necessarily be more medical (which will reassure many mothers) than with a Midwife, Childbirth is not necessarily its responsibility …

Also, if you give birth in a private hospital and your obstetrician-gynecologist is present during your delivery, you will most likely have to pay an additional fee. It is up to you to choose in all knowledge of causes.

For mothers who need more listening, explanations, advice, or interviews, a midwife will often be preferred. The midwife is often closer and more easily reachable than a gynecologist. By answering all your questions, without interdicts, and by calming your fears and anxieties, by providing you with a global accompaniment of the pregnancy as well as an individual follow-up, they can have the role of psychological supports … Do not confuse “wise women “And” doulas .”

In the end, choosing between a midwife and a gynecologist is a matter of feeling: you will ultimately decide who will follow up your pregnancy.

How to pick a midwife?

Here too, the choice will be made according to your feelings and expectations: as the attendant will accompany you throughout your pregnancy and childbirth while being a real bond with the future parents, it is essential that The current go well between you … Nothing prevents you from changing midwives during pregnancy …

Beware. However, there are many requests, and it can be relatively difficult to be followed from your pregnancy until your birth by a midwife. On the honorary side, the midwife is usually contracted with the Social Security.

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