The 7 things I would have liked to be told before giving birth


The 7 things I would have liked to be told before giving birth
Ah, childbirth, you can read everything, look at everything, and feel ready to face D-Day, there are subjects rarely mentioned, surprises you would have liked to avoid, advice that you would have preferred to receive. ..before.

Focus on these seven things that I would like to know before living my first childbirth.

The 7 things I would have liked to be told before giving birth
The 7 things I would have liked to be told before giving birth

Farewell to shame

That even more than in the previous nine months, you could make a cross on your modesty on D-Day

You are not a big fan of Eve’s monthly visits to the Gynecologist, and the various checks he can make on your private parts are not the best moments of your day? Reassure yourself, on D-day; it will be worse. Between the quasi-transparent blouse and closed by a simple link that will be equipped, the position on the delivery table, the parade between your legs spread ( midwife, gynecologist, internal or even student (s) if you Tombs on the “no luck” box) will be permanent for some hours. Courage!

If I had known … I would at least have been prepared psychologically, and I would have dared to say “no” when the student who accompanied the midwife asked in a small voice “I can also palpate to see where your collar Is? I would like to exercise myself.”

Time is the time (or not)

That a childbirth it can last loooonnngtemps

The data that is provided to you is not necessarily to take for cash, and delivery can last very long. Indeed, it is not because you have lost the mucous plug that you have to shout “That is it, it happens.” After the loss of the mucous plug, you can wait several more days before squeezing your baby in your arms. Patience!

If I had known … I would have expected to wait in the workroom: reading, music, company and I would have avoided preventing the whole earth from losing my mucous plug (which would have me Certainly avoided receiving 5478 SMS saying “this is it, it happened?”)


That even if you are the best prepared in the world, childbirth is far from being an exact science and can give you surprises

We tell you a minuscule baby, colossal, hairy … yes. However, take a step back and do not get carried away.

If I had known … I would have avoided buying in large numbers clothes in birth size. The small “shrimp” advertised is ultimately a beautiful lobster of 3.9 kilos (and therefore impossible to hold in pajamas in birth size).

Episio my love

You will not be asked (forgive) your opinion before making an episiotomy

In France, the rate of episiotomy is, on average, 30% but it reaches more than 65% for the primipares *. In other words, the gesture is almost an automatism for some members of the hospital staff. Most of the time, you are not even warned, and besides, you do not even realize when the gesture is made (if the epidural still does its job). So do not trust the good and innocent air of the midwife, there, between your legs, she has already taken out her knife. Mistrust !

If I had known … I would have clearly said BEFORE the midwife to warn me if she ever gave me an episiotomy. It is so unpleasant to find it when you hear someone say “Come on, we see now.”

Hunky-dory !

If you are given an episiotomy, you will not call a beautician to prepare you smoothly

At the time of the episiotomy, not only will you be the last informed, but also the midwife will not go by four ways. She will take a razor (disposable) and remove (without any other form of trial) the hairs that hinder the incision … Come on; we will not talk about the regrowth …

If I had known … I would have planned a small passage at the esthetician before (and a little regular refreshing if the baby is waiting). It might have saved me a moment of shame and some discomfort.

Push madame

That at the time of the expulsion you will very much want to sell

… and that frequently, indeed, women make poo at the date of giving birth. The staff is used to it because it is a very healthy situation. You, submerged with hormones, the chances are that you do not realize anything.

If I had known … when I was going to the maternity ward, I would have had a small enema or taken a little laxative (which I had the intelligence to ask my gynecologist on my last monthly visit). Besides, I would have told Daddy to stay on the side of my head and EXCLUSIVELY from the side of my head.

Love at first sight? You speak…

That the thunderbolt for her baby is not obligatory

Head elongated or slightly deformed by childbirth, color more or less unlikely, amazing hair (looks at his ears and the top of his back) … you will not necessarily feel unconditional love at first glance, and maybe You are going to find your baby a little weird. The exhaustion, the upheavals, the excitement, the emptiness that inhabits you. All this can delay the real encounter with your child. Do not panic, do not worry. It will not stop you from being a great mom.

If I had known … I would not have so much blamed myself for not experiencing the surge of love that I expected to feel. Books sometimes lie and do not react in the same way. I love my baby more than anything in the world, but the fusional encounter between us did not take place on the day of his birth.

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