Skin, hair, eyes: 9 signs of pregnancy


Skin, hair, eyes: 9 signs of pregnancy

It is not just nausea or breast size that increases as signs of pregnancy. Wearing a baby is an inner experience that can be read throughout your body. Hyperpigmentation, gingivitis, water retention, capillary fragility … here are nine signs that do not deceive.

Skin, hair, eyes: 9 signs of pregnancy
Skin, hair, eyes: 9 signs of pregnancy

Tingling at the breasts

This is often the first sign of pregnancy. They are already preparing to breastfeed. Over the months, they tend to harden, areola enlarges and darkens, sometimes a tingling sensation or tightness. Wear a fitting bra and maintain the elasticity of your skin with a moisturizer that resuming their normal size, your breasts regain their firmness.


  • It is an unfortunate turn that you play progesterone and estrogens, called pregnancy hormones. The mask of pregnancy (small brown spots on the forehead, cheeks, around the mouth) is due to stimulation of melanin production by estrogens. It often appears between the 4th and 6th month and disappears little by little after birth (or not).
  • The best way to avoid it is to protect yourself from light. In summer, apply a full screen, winter a free anti-racial foundation. The brown line vertical signaling your pubic belly to the navel, sometimes up to chest subsides after delivery to go faster or slower depending on your skin type.


  • The gingivitis affects 80% of mothers. Your gums are swollen, bleed at the slightest contact: this fragility of the blood vessels is temporary. Make an appointment at the dentist and brush your teeth well as plaque increases inflammation of the gums.

Hyperproduction of keratin and sebum

  • Your nails and hair grow faster during pregnancy. It is the estrogens that accelerate these secretions of keratin and sebum. The first concerns mainly the nails, the second the hair (the progesterone counteracts the plans of the testosterone, responsible for the fall of the hair).
  • Your hair also takes advantage of this hormonal bath. You may see a thin duvet over your lips or on your arms. All will return to normal when testosterone resumes activity.
  • If your hair keeps its volume until the end of your pregnancy, your nails become fragile. To prevent them from breaking or splitting, consider hardener varnish or nutritional capsules (safe for your baby).

Water retention at the cornea

  • The water retention due to progesterone overproduction, swollen ankles, hands, and sometimes your face. The only solution to improve tissue drainage is to drink plenty of water.
  • This retention of water at the cornea changes the radius of the cornea. Your eyes see trouble! At the beginning of pregnancy, minimal astigmatism (distortion of the images) can be established, and in the third quarter, small myopia (far less clear vision). If you are already short-sighted, it may be accentuated. On the other hand, hyperopia (poor near vision), may be better. Sometimes the lens loses some of its ability to accommodate, and some may become hypermetropic. These disorders disappear about two months after childbirth, plus if you are breastfeeding.

Laxity of tissues and ligaments

It is caused by estrogens to help your baby find his place comfortably and then to be born and results in a certain amount of your belly, your hips, and your rib cage. Under the pressure of the uterus, your lungs cause it to widen by 5 to 7 centimeters. This will inspire the volume of air that will allow the lungs to dispense the extra 20% oxygen needed to “ventilate” you both.

Camber accused

From the beginning, you adjust your center of gravity by pointing the belly forward. By gaining weight, you are curving your back more and more. This unnatural position sometimes leads to lower back pain. Get advice from spinal stretching exercises: they relieve and relax.

Stretch Marks

The stretch marks are caused by loss of elasticity of the skin. Gradually, they will diminish but will leave behind them more or less traces according to the quality of your skin. To limit their appearance, apply from the 3rd month of pregnancy an anti-turgor cream or very moisturizing.

Capillary fragility

It is also an effect of the relaxation of the tissues by the estrogens. Your venous walls, which are more elastic and therefore less tonic, are compressed by the weight of your stomach, which is an obstacle to good drainage of the lower limbs, which can lead to varicose veins (which will disappear after birth, at least in part).

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