Pregnant: first trimester ailments


Pregnant: first trimester ailments: The first trimester of pregnancy is not always the most pleasant. You are divided between your happiness to be pregnant and the small inconveniences, a sign that your body is experiencing a real upset.

Pregnant: first trimester ailments
Pregnant: first trimester ailments

A high fatigue

Impossible to resist, fatigue invades you at any time of the day. Not surprisingly, the hormones secreted during pregnancy are high natural sleeping pills. Starting with progesterone, also called ” resting hormone,” that is all saying. So why resist? Make long nights and if you can, give yourself the pleasure of a nap, as often as possible. In any case, try to arrange breaks throughout the day.

Problems with constipation

The constipation is due, too, to progesterone which slows muscle work. Adopt a high- fiber diet and massage your stomach in a clockwise direction. If this is not enough, you can give a boost to your transit with paraffin oil, sold in pharmacy in the form of jelly. This will also help you prevent hemorrhoids, often associated with constipation.

A decrease in libido

It is the “logical continuation” of all these little inconveniences which, like anxiety, are formidable enemies of the libido.

Stomach under strain

Some future mothers suffer from nausea, others not, without knowing why. In the morning, take a quick breakfast, then throughout the day, eat less, but more often. Prefer slow sugars like bread, rice … and drink a lot. Avoid sauce or spicy dishes. Discover also the pleasure of herbal teas, hot or cold, slightly sweet.

Breasts sometimes painful

Your breast flourishes, your breasts are tense and sometimes painful. This is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. In fact, everything is already in place for breastfeeding. Choose a top quality bra, preferably cotton, with braces and wide shoulder straps. He must wrap the breasts without crushing them. Moreover, start now to massage yourself.

Sudden cravings

Strawberries, yogurt, red meat? These desires unexpected and surprising sometimes are not uncommon. For some, they would correspond to real needs of the body, for others to the desire to be pampered or to compensate for some anxiety. Pregnant, we also often perceive the tastes and flavors of food in different ways. One can suddenly hate the dish that one loved before.

A possible acne breakout

In early pregnancy, a hormonal upset can cause sebum hypersecretion. Result: small unsightly buttons, especially on the face, chest, and back. Adopt a soap-free dermatological bread for sensitive skin and clean your face morning and evening.

Fungal infections?

Itching, burning, white discharge? During pregnancy, the mucosa of the vagina is more acidic, which promotes the proliferation of mycoses. Consult your doctor who prescribes gynecological ovules and to avoid recurrences, wash with an alkaline soap with antacid properties.

Urinary tract infections

To prevent urinary tract infections, drink plenty of water to dilute the urine and facilitate its elimination. Moreover, at the slightest sign of tingling or burning when you pee, consult a doctor.

Changes in mood

Do you go from laughter to tears? Do you sink at times in deep sadness, which gives way to euphoria a few tens of minutes later? It is quite reasonable; pregnancy causes a significant psychological upset. Do not stay alone, trust your spouse, see your friends.

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