Pregnancy: changes in your body


Pregnancy: changes in your body: Pregnant, your physical changes under the microscope

Your body will transform throughout pregnancy. Breasts, belly, legs … Discover what awaits you during these nine months.

Pregnancy: changes in your body
Pregnancy: changes in your body

The face

The dry skin

The skin of the face embellishes. It is finer, more transparent. However, it also tends to be drier under the effects of hormones.

Tips: Avoid alcoholic toning lotions and apply a moisturizer.


Some of you will suddenly suffer from acne which usually stabilizes after 2, three months. Once again, it is the hormones that are responsible. Tip: Cleanse your face properly, and to camouflage a button, nothing like a tip of concealer a tone below your complexion.

The mask of pregnancy Sometimes, brown spots appear in the middle of the forehead, on the chin and around the mouth and at the tip of the nose (in rare cases), it is the mask of pregnancy. He settles between the 4th and the 6th month. It appears under the effect of the sun. These are often the most pronounced dull skins. Most of the time, it disappears after childbirth. If it persists, consult a dermatologist.

Treatment: Vitamin B has the reputation of limiting the mask of pregnancy. Some dermatologists prescribe a depigmenting ointment to be applied to the bigger spots.


It is essential to monitor your teeth and go to the dentist at least once when you are pregnant so that he can establish a checkup. Indeed, during pregnancy, the immune defenses decrease in some women, hence risks of infection and caries.

The hair

During the pregnancy, the hair changes nature, they are less dry, less forked thanks to the intake of estrogens. You lose them less, hence a larger volume. However, this state of grace does not last, and during the weeks after childbirth, you may lose much hair. These are those who have not fallen during pregnancy.

If you have greasy hair, the chances are that this problem will get worse.

Tip: Do frequent washing with a mild shampoo and if possible, avoid the use of the hair dryer that reinforces the phenomenon.

The breasts

From the beginning of pregnancy, the breasts swell under the effect of hormonal hypersecretion. Now, on this part of the body, the skin is very fragile. As a result, it may happen that your breasts are not quite the same after your pregnancy.

Tip: To prevent the weight of your chest from distending the skin, wear a bra adapted, dark bonnet and wide shoulder straps. If it is painful, wear your bra at night too. To strengthen the tone of the skin, take showers of fresh water. You can also massage yourself. Hands laid flat, massage lightly up the nipple toward the shoulder.

The belly

Sometimes a brown line appears on the abdomen. These are the hormones that cause hyperactivation of the pigmentation of the skin in some places, as here. This is a normal phenomenon. No panic, it disappears gradually after childbirth.

During pregnancy, the skin loses its elasticity. Of stretch marks can occur, especially during the last quarter. These traces are tough to make.

Tip: From the beginning of your pregnancy, apply anti-stretch marks on the stomach, hips, and buttocks morning and evening. Avoid especially gaining weight too fast,


All swollen, your legs are unrecognizable. Why ? You are holding water! It is a classic in pregnant women.

Tip: Drink plenty of water and eat diuretic foods like a melon. Avoid standing too long, and when sitting or lying, raise your legs. The swimming can relieve you because of the water mass and relaxes.

Massage: Massage from the ankle to the thigh up to the muscles, just as you do to put on tights. For the legs, massage from inside to outside, from bottom to top,

The back

The back is the part of the body that pays the heaviest tribute during pregnancy. The kilos more are not the only ones responsible. The center of gravity moves forward, and suddenly the back is hollow.

Tips: If you are working sitting, take the right posture, back straight, buttocks stuck to the bottom of the chair, feet on a footstool. Do not cross your legs and do not stay for hours without moving, it is dangerous for traffic. If you work standing, wear comfortable shoes and sit regularly.

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