No new epidemic without epidural


No new epidemic without epidural
The epidural has long been popular with doctors and mothers and is no longer as popular as it once was. The proof: more and more women choose to give birth without an epidural, preferring to use other methods to endure the pains of childbirth …

No new epidemic without epidural
No new epidemic without epidural

Why is epidural-free delivery more and more practiced?

  • Although contraindications are rare (e.g., blood clotting disorders, skin infection in the lower back, fever), some mothers are obliged to dispense with epidurals for medical reasons.
  • However, nowadays, more and more epidural-free deliveries result from a voluntary choice of parents … Their motivations? In short, they fear that the anesthesia deprives them too much of the sensations of the childbirth: some have moreover retained a bad memory of Their first delivery with epidural, for this reason … Moreover, to do without epidural would also make it possible to give birth more quickly (the work is often a little slowed down by the anesthesia) and to avoid some inconveniences such as the installation of a probe Urinary, frequent during an epidural.

What alternatives to overcome the pains of childbirth?

  • If you are tempted to give birth without an epidural, there are many methods to overcome the painful contractions on D-Day. The idea is to prepare yourself during your pregnancy, with the help of your midwife: Sophrology and Self-hypnosis, in particular, are often used to learn to relax and manage pain.
  • During work, walking, changing positions or taking a warm bath can also be a great help: make sure you have a good knowledge of your maternity ward and the equipment (e.g., a walk-in room, bathtubs).
  • In some settings, it is even possible to use acupuncture during childbirth. Very efficient in reducing pain, acupuncture is also safe for you and your baby because the needles are arranged at the level of the arms, hands, and legs, never on the belly …

If the pain is too hard to bear, can one change your mind and ask for an epidural?

  • Yes, if necessary, you can ask for an epidural. There are two conditions: first, that you do not have any medical contraindications, and secondly, that the dilation of the cervix does not exceed 6 to 7 cm. Beyond that, it is usually too late to practice the epidural. You may propose a spinal anesthesia: the product works faster than in an epidural, but the effects last less time, hence the interest of using it rather at the end of work.

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