How to buy best car seats for infants and newborn


How to buy best car seats for infants and newborn

By government, all children under age five must be strapped into a car seat when riding in a vehicle. This is so significant that most hospitals will not deliver a baby until they are assured the parent has a car seat in the vehicle that will be taking the baby home. That is why you should make this purchase before you deliver your child.

How to buy best car seats for infants and newborn
How to buy best car seats for infants and newborn

Because your baby will use this car seat for several years, it is worth the time to do some comparison shopping. Here are some basics to improve you make the right choice. Car seats for infants are made in two basic styles:

1. Car seats for infants

purple infant car seat
Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seat,purple infant car seat

This is created for children under twenty pounds and faces toward the back of the car.
They are helpful for newborns, and they may be the best fit for premature infants. Several models come with a detachable base, which allows you to carry your baby in and out of the car in the car seat without having to reinstall the base. The base attaches to the car, and the car seat just snaps into the base.

Infant-only car seats come with a five-point harness, which provides the best protection. The harness is made of straps that secure your baby into the seat. The harness straps come over the infant’s shoulders, across each hip, and through the crotch area, and are buckled in place. If you have an older car seat that has a three-point harness, you can use it as long as your baby fits properly in the restraint. Smaller infants cannot be securely restrained in a three-point harness.

2. Infant-toddler seat

This can be applied to both infants and older children up to forty pounds. It faces backward for child use and is turned around to face front when the baby reaches twenty pounds.

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6 Tip of Buying best car seats for infants and newborn

When you are comparing car seats for infants look for:

  • Price. Infant car seats on sale run from around $50 to $200. Somewhere in the
    middle of the range is probably the best buy and affordable infant car seats.
  • Easy installation. If you cannot install the seat correctly every time you put it in the car, it will not protect your baby properly. Unfortunately, some places make you jump through
    hoops to get it in place correctly. Make sure you feel comfortable with the installation process before you buy.
  • Seat belt adjustments. Check out how the seat belt from the vehicle gets attached to the car seat. Some are easy; others require an engineering degree.
  • Washability. If this is your first baby, you have no idea how messy car seats for infants can become. All kinds of dirt, food, drink, and vomited substances will find their way onto this new seat. Buy one with removable and washable pad covers.
  • Comfort. Babies spend much time in these places. Find one that looks comfortable to sit in. Look for cloth padding (vinyl seats get very hot and can burn a baby’s skin), along
    with head and back support. Also look for one that is high enough to let your child see out the window.
  • Safety. Look for a label attached to the car seat saying that it meets or exceeds Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (sometimes abbreviated as FMVSS 213). Any other kind of seat should never be used in a car.


Once your baby reaches twenty pounds or twenty-six inches and can sit up by himself, you can move him to a forward-facing car seat, but still keep him in the backseat. Front passenger airbags can kill a child when they deploy. If you have any questions about moving
from a rear-facing to a forward-facing seat, call the federal auto safety hotline at 800-424-9393.

Install an infant car seat

woman baby seats in the car seat

To bring your baby home; you will need to put him or her in an infant car seat. For the most protection, the Car seats for infants should be rear-facing and installed in the middle of the back seat. Give yourself plenty of time to install the seat. Car seats for infants can be deceivingly tricky, so make sure you follow the car seat producer’s instructions and that the car seat is installed perfectly.

If you have problems with proper installation or need a hand, check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website to find a car seat inspection station near you. Be sure to follow the child passenger safety laws in your state.

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