Guide to Choosing mobiles for babies


Guide to Choosing mobiles for babies

When she smiles, smile back and tell her how smart she is. Smiling means she is happy so let her know you are happy too. She loves looking at things so make sure she has plenty
Of different things to look at—frequently change pictures or cot animal mobiles for infants hanging over her crib to give lots of attention.

Guide to Choosing mobiles for babies
Guide to Choosing mobiles for babies

Best baby mobile for development

Your child is a detective on a mission—and a detective who does not need a notebook to record the clues he discovers. He is paying attention to try to learn the causes and effects related to his movements. Researchers at the University of Michigan took three-month-old babies and placed them one at a time under an attractive mobile. If a child happened to flex his right knee by more than 85 degrees, the scientists would reward the child by moving the mobile. Babies were able to figure out exactly what it took to keep the mobile moving. When they were brought back 24 and then 72 hours later, they had memorized how to move to get the result they wanted.

Babies are paying attention to clues beyond just what they see and feel.Sometimes it takes them a while to learn which clues are relevant. Researchers at St. John’s University did a similar study in which three- Month-Olds learned to kick-control a mobile while in the presence of a the noticeable smell in the chamber. When the babies tried again a day later, they remembered what they had learned—if the same smell was present. If no aroma was present, they were not sure if the same rules applied, so they experimented again and were soon able to move the mobile. However, if a different aroma was present in the room, the babies were confused; it was as if they had never seen the mobile before. Baby detectives are learning which clues are important and which are not as they try to make sense of the world.

How to choose the best crib mobile and toys

If you see your baby looking at four blank sides of a crib or bassinet, hang a mobile overhead or slip a few brightly colored pictures into the side of the crib. Magazine covers are an excellent source of eye-catching designs and large expressive faces. Even a tiny baby is ready for pictures to enjoy. (When your child is old enough to chew on the pages, however, discontinue their use.) To stay on the safe side, always remove all toys, including stuffed animals, from the crib when the baby is present. Also, be sure to follow these guidelines from the CPSC when using baby gyms or best baby mobiles in the crib:

  • Make sure that crib gyms are fitted securely at both ends so they cannot be pulled down into the crib.
  • Remove crib gyms and mobiles when your daughter is five months old or begins to push up on her hands and knees.
  • Mobiles and any other toys hanging over a crib or playpen should be out of your daughter’s reach.
  • Do not apply crib toys with catch points that can hook clothing.

How to make mobiles for babies

Making your mobile not only saves money, it allows you to customize it for your baby or to match your decor.

  • Take a set of wooden or cross bars or a metal craft hoop, and hang items from it were using fishing line.
  • Use items like laminated photos; small lightweight stuffed animals or silk flowers.
  • Hang the mobile from a hook on your ceiling using decorative ribbon. Hold a shiny mobile or toy on a string 8–10 in (20–25 cm) above your baby’s face while he is lying on his back. Bob it gently up and down and call his name. When his eyes fix on the mobile, praise him.
  • Make sure that it is out of your child’s reach and that you remove it once your baby can sit up.

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