Childbirth by the kidneys, what is it?


Childbirth by the kidneys, what is it?

The term “delivery by the kidneys” refers to the location of the pain in the lower back and not to the lower abdomen. An update on this particular delivery, which concerns about 10% of births, is given.

Childbirth by the kidneys, what is it?
Childbirth by the kidneys, what is it?

Childbirth by the kidneys: one in ten mothers is affected

  • Kidney delivery is a feature that affects about 10% of births: the pain of the contractions radiates down the spine and not the lower abdomen. Pain that intensifies as childbirth progresses and which often disconcerts, even panic, moms, often little or wrongly informed of this unforeseen unfolding of the birth.

Childbirth by the kidneys, why does it hurt?

  • These pains in the lower back are explained by a simple mechanical phenomenon: compression of the sacroiliac nerves related to the position of the baby: before engaging in the maternal pelvis, it directs its back towards that of his mother, Pointing the “nose in the air.” The following right occipital-iliac presentation (OIDP) is presented when the head is turned to the right, and the left occipital-iliac (OIGP) display is turned to the left.
  • This following presentation has a consequence: when the baby is in the pelvis, the hardest part of his body, namely his spine, is placed on the sympathetic sacroiliac nerves, causing intense pain, more severe than That of the contractions themselves.

How to limit pain?

  • Delivery by the kidneys is an obvious indication of epidural.
  • To reduce pain, it is advisable to avoid sleeping on the back (to preserve as much as possible the sacroiliac joint of the weight of the baby) and too frequently changes position. As long as the contractions are not too intense, walk, get on all fours, crouch down on the dad or a chair … When you have to lie down, privilege the position on the side, rounded back.
  • Rest assured, the medical team knows perfectly how painful and tiring these lumbar pains are. Everything will be done to help you.

Childbirth by the kidneys, a standard delivery

  • Childbirth by the kidneys is a standard delivery and most often takes place without problems, but it often lasts longer. The release of the baby can also be more delicate with the use of forceps. In cases of fetal distress, a caesarean section is sometimes performed.
  • Lumbar pains disappear once the baby is born.

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