Best baby crib mattress buying guide


Best baby crib mattress buying guide

The greatest investment you can make for your baby is a baby crib bedding that meets all of CPSC’s safety standards. This is important because according to the CPSC, cribs account for more deaths of infants than any other nursery item—and each year, thousands of infants
are injured seriously enough in cribs to require treatment in hospital emergency rooms.

If you are buying a new full-size crib, the CPSC recommends you follow these guidelines:

  • Slats are spaced no more than 23/8 inches (60 mm) apart.
  • No slats are missing, loose, or cracked.
  • Dimensions of crib mattress fits snugly—no more than two fingers’ width between an edge of mattress and crib side.
  • Mattress support is securely attached to the footboard and headboard.
  • Corner posts are no higher than 1/16 of an inch (11/2 mm).
  • No cutouts in a top edge of headboard and footboard.
  • Drop-side latches cannot be easily released by your baby.
  • Drop-side latches securely hold side in raised position.
  • All screws, bolts and other hardware are tight and present.

    Best baby crib mattress buying guide
    Best baby crib mattress buying guide

Ensure that your baby is crib or cradle complies with current safety standards. The best baby crib mattress should fit tightly (if you can squeeze more than two fingers between the frame and the mattress, the mattress is too loose) and the crib sheets should be equally snug-fitting. Ensure that they will remain flat and in place no matter how much your baby wriggles around in her sleep. Plastic mattress covers should not be used in babies’ mattresses. They pose a suffocation risk.

Continue to lower the crib mattress as your baby grows.You do not want your child to tumble out once she learns how to pull herself into an upright position.

Be aware of the risk posed by bedding. Don’t use comforters, pillows, or other bedding to create a bed on the floor or to pad the area around a crib mattress that has been placed on the floor (something you may be tempted to do if you are visiting friends or relatives). Moreover, don’t add blankets to your baby’s crib to keep your baby cozy while the air conditioner cools the rest of the family off on a hot summer day. According to the Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, both scenarios put babies at risk.

Remember that it is not safe for a baby to sleep on any soft sleeping surface. If you sleep on a waterbed, a pillow-top mattress, or a mattress that is any less firm than a crib mattress, you cannot provide a sufficiently firm sleeping surface for an infant. Moreover, allowing a baby to sleep on a comforter, quilt, duvet, sheepskin or another type of thick blanket is dangerous. A baby may bury his face in the soft material and re-breathe exhaled air—something that can trigger a series of biological catastrophes that can result in a SIDS-related death.

When buying a crib, make sure the mattress level is adjustable. As soon as your baby can sit up, lower best baby crib mattress to prevent him from falling over the sides.

When baby outgrows his crib, you can use the mattress as a stow-away bed for children who come to visit. The best baby crib mattress is easily stored out of sight by sliding it under a regular twin-sized bed.

A crib that converts to a toddler bed may sound like an excellent idea, but not if you expect to have another baby while your older child is using the converted bed. Also, most convertible cribs require special mattresses, rails, box spring, bed extenders, and other assembly hardware that cut into the amount of money you are saving.

Best baby crib mattress
Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams best baby crib mattress: Vinyl cover is waterproof and wipes clean easily

Your baby does not need an expensive mattress. Best budget and affordable crib mattress, A simple yet firm foam mattress will give a child the support he needs. Because it is lightweight, it will make changing sheets easier.

A mattress pad is not necessary for your crib. The best baby crib mattress is waterproof, so there is no need for additional protection from leaky diapers and spit-ups.

Changing sheets on a crib is a nightmare—especially in the middle of the night! Try keeping two sets of sheets on the crib mattress (mattress cover, clean sheet, another mattress cover, another clean sheet) to simplify the task of cleaning up after naptime and nighttime messes. If you need to make a sudden change, you just have to strip one set off, and there’s a clean set underneath. (Make sure the mattress covers are waterproof!)

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