3 months pregnant (Week 12)


3 months pregnant  (Week 12)

By this time, complaints such as morning sickness and frequent urination should have eased. You may notice a gain in weight for the first time. The amount of blood in your body increases steadily from now on so your heart and lungs have to work harder. Kidneys increase their work too. You may have some constipation as the bowel slows down. Keep up your normal fitness routine after checking with your doctor. Book a dental check-up.

3 months pregnant (Week 12)
3 months pregnant (Week 12)

Antenatal care

-You will attend your first antenatal clinic if you haven’t already (I’m pregnant when should I go to the doctor? ). During your pregnancy, you’re entitled to paid leave to attend antenatal clinics and classes, so let your employer have details.

– You may be given an ultrasound scan to check your dates.

– This is a good time to decide on your course of parentcraft classes. They provide lots of information and help you get to know hospital routines. You’ll also meet other parents whose babies are due around the same time as yours.

– The midwife or health visitor can tell you about local classes held either through the health centre or privately. Privately run classes are usually smaller, less formal and often held in the tutor’s home. They often specialize in antenatal exercises and techniques for managing labour with relaxation and breathing techniques (breathing techniques).

– If you have had problems with an incompetent cervix before, a suture will be inserted at 12-14 weeks under a general anaesthetic.

Blood pressure

Your blood pressure will be measured at every antenatal appointment. Regular checks mean that any change can be quickly noted.

What is a fetus at 12 weeks

The genital organs can now be seen dearly with 3 months pregnant ultrasound. The eyes are completely formed and the fingers and toes are developing, though they are still joined by webs of skin. Most of the internal organs are now working. The baby’s movements are becoming stronger because his muscles are developing.

-Fingers and toes are developing rapidly

-Earlobes and eyelids are fully formed

Baby’s appearance at 12 weeks

Length:    7.5 cm (3 in)

Weight:    18 g (5/8 oz)

3 months pregnant symptoms Changes to 12 weeks pregnant

You should be feeling better as any nausea starts to diminish and you do not have to urinate so frequently. Constipation, however, may start to become a problem.

– You feel more stable as your fluctuating hormones begin to settle down

-You may be able to feel the top of the uterus just above your pubic bone

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