What baby bed?


What baby bed?: Crib, crib, couch … you may not yet know what type of sleeping you will buy for your baby. We take stock.

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What baby bed?
What baby bed?

Different types of bedding according to the age of the child

Dream On Me Rocking Cradle
Dream On Me Rocking Cradle


Up to 6 months
It is ideal for newborns who have spent nine months in the womb of the mother. They will feel safe, as in a cocoon since the cradle is adapted to their small size. On the other hand, as soon as the babies begin to straighten (around six months), one has to go to bed with bars, the cradle becoming dangerous. On the practical side, it is nice to choose a model with wheels, to quickly move her baby from one room to another.


Until about six months
Unlike the cradle, the basket is not fixed on a support, but there are models that can fit on feet. Due to its small size, the infant will not feel lost. The baskets are very often made of wicker or in very flexible materials. They are thus easily transportable and relatively light. Same as for the crib, the crib is only usable for the first few months.

Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib
Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Traditional crib

Up to 2-3
Approximately If your budget does not allow you to opt for a crib, you can, from birth, put your baby in a crib. This purchase will be in any case unavoidable. Most have height-adjustable bed bases, which avoids over-bending. Some even have casters. It is advisable to go to the “big bed” especially when the child tries to climb his bed with bars. Note that some have a removable side that allows the child to go up and down alone. This type of bed has the advantage of lasting longer.

Evolutive bar bed

Up to 6-8 years
These systems, more expensive, are transformed into a junior bed. How? The two bars with bars are removable and sometimes even, some propose an extension which makes it possible to lengthen the box spring.

Extra beds


Up to 6 months approximately
If at the base, the nacelle is more a means of transport since it is fixed to the chassis of the stroller, it can, however, be used as a bed, the first months. However, your mattress must be of high quality. Otherwise, you will have to buy a second bed. Also, the harness must not interfere with the baby.

SINOTOP Baby Travel Bed Crib Mosquito Ded Portable Baby Bed Folding Baby Mosquito Net Portable Baby Cots for 0-18 Month Baby
SINOTOP Baby Travel Bed Crib Mosquito Ded Portable Baby Bed Folding Baby Mosquito Net Portable Baby Cots for 0-18 Month Baby

Umbrella Bed

Up to 2-3 years
On the road, it is convenient because it folds and folds easily. Moreover, in the end, it takes up little space. There is something for every taste and price. It quickly becomes indispensable …


The choice you make will depend largely on your budget. If you can afford it, opt for birth for a crib or cradle, so your toddler feels like a cocoon. Then, invest in bed with bars (classic or evolutionary). For tighter budgets, you can do without a crib or cradle and buy a crib directly, especially if you have a stroller with a nacelle.

To remember

  • The bedding must be in conformity with the safety standards in force: NF EN 716 for cribs, NF EN 1130 for cradles, NF EN 1466 for cribs.
  • The spacing between the bars of the bed should not exceed 6.5 cm. If you have an old bed, check the spacing.
  • The dimensions of the mattress should be matched to those of the bed, to avoid any risk of suffocation.
  • The height of the sides of the bed must be sufficient to prevent the child from falling when standing alone.
  • The painting of the bed must be of high quality so that the child does not the risk, biting the edges, chipping and swallowing pieces.
  • To prevent the risk of sudden death, the baby should be lying on his back and in a sleeping bag. Sheets, duvets, blankets and cushions are prohibited until the age of 2 years.
  • Using a round bed is not recommended. Similarly, it is advisable not to put too many fluffs in the child’s bed.
  • The chamber temperature must remain around 19 ° C.

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