Stokke Sleepi Crib Review: evolutionary


Stokke Sleepi Crib Review:  Stokke Sleepi adapts to your child’s growth and provides optimal sleep conditions.Its design allows it to be enlarged in bed once the child grows up.

Its oval shape will remind him of the cozy environment he felt in Mom’s belly.
Unlike the traditional square and rectangular cradles, it will prevent the restless sleepers from finding themselves “in a corner.”

Stokke Sleepi Crib Review: evolutionary
Stokke Sleepi Crib Review: evolutionary

Oval Design

Stokke Sleepi Crib Review
Stokke Sleepi Crib Review

Oval, comfortable, safe and spacious bed for your child’s sleep: your child will have more room and sleep better. Unlike traditional square and rectangular beds, it avoids restless sleepers to find themselves “in a corner”.

Lockable castors.

Lockable wheels allow you to easily move the bed from room to room and block it where you want.

Lockable wheels allow you to rock the child to help him fall asleep or move the cradle easily from one room to another. This will further stimulate your child, who will sleep less during the day and will get into the habit of making his nights earlier.

Security :

Stokke Sleepi Crib Review
Stokke Sleepi Crib Review

• Wood bars
• Secure gap between the bars (4.5 – 6.5cm)

An evolutionary bed that will never be too small for your child!

  • The Stokke Sleepi bed base can be adjusted to 4 different heights to accompany your child’s growth and spare your back.
  • When the child can get out of bed and climb by himself, it is possible to remove a side barrier and adjust the height of the bed.
  • Thanks to the transformer kit (sold separately) you can transform this crib into a junior bed.
  • When your child grows up, it will become two elegant armchairs.

Advantages :

Stokke Sleepi Crib Review
Stokke Sleepi Crib Review

• An evolutionary bed that will accompany your child from birth and throughout childhood.
• Mobility thanks to the lockable castors.
• Stylish and timeless lines: a piece of furniture made to last.
• Easy to assemble, disassemble and adjust.

Technical characteristics:

• Compatible with bed extension 120 (sold separately)
• Passes easily through a standard door opening
• Furniture made of robust and resistant beech wood.
• The high-quality coating provides a smooth, durable surface that reduces scratches and facilitates maintenance.

A piece of furniture made to last

Stokke Sleepi Crib Review
Stokke Sleepi Crib Review
  • 100% beech for cultivation, varnished finish. Solid and resistant.
  • Premium coating reduces scratches and makes cleaning easier.
  • Elegant and timeless lines guarantee a wear resistant to years.

For Baby:

  • Height: 86 cm
  • Depth: 127 cm
  • Width: 74 cm

For toddlers (with one side removed and without wheels):

  • Height: 78 cm
  • Depth: 127 cm
  • Width: 74 cm


Stokke Sleepi Crib Review
Stokke Sleepi Crib Review
  • Wood and metal parts, approx. : 23.1 kg
  • Mattress, approx. : 2.4 kg
  • Total, approx. : 25.5 kg

Further information:

  • Bed base and mattresses provided.
  • Junior transformer kit sold separately.
  • Bed boom sold separately.

User Reviews:

“He is magnificent! Everyone finds it very design and original. It makes a really small cozy nest. Hate my progress sleep in it.
With the arrow, it gives a soothing side once the veil is laid.
The only drawback: the price of property !! Especially after with extensions etc. Too bad that Stokke products no longer benefit from the 20% and 30% on the furnishings. I had taken the privilege card as a significant departure. A little disappointed all the same.” By Leyla

“We bought the bed with the bed sky.
The bed is exquisite and handy with its wheels and passes through the door, so I can put it in our room and his room while he sleeps without waking him up.
The rounded side allows the baby to touch the side and it is reassured.
The negative point (apart from the price) is that you have to pay attention to the accessory product example the mobile, the tour de lit, the mattress cover, the fitted sheet, … however, in spying attention, we find who Adapts well without taking the Stokke brand.” By jacquin

“We bought this bed last year, with the extension. Very practical, as it can be used as soon as you leave the maternity ward.
The wheels make it easy to rock the baby.
And the rounded side reassures the infant, who needs contact.

The only downside, the price, a bit too high.” By Alexia

The Stokke Sleepi Crib is the first bed ideal for your baby. It creates a cozy and safe environment. Thanks to the smooth rolling on its lockable wheels, you can gently rock your child to sleep, and your cradle will be easy to move from room to room. The bed arrow is included with your crib.

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