SneakPeek – Gender Prediction DNA and Blood test for gender review


SneakPeek – Early Gender Prediction DNA and Blood test for gender reviews

Increasingly these days, it is common to find out the baby’s sex at the anomaly scan. Lots of parents-to-be want to know whether they are getting the pink or the blue model – perhaps because they want to decorate and shop accordingly, decide for definite on a name, or feel it will give them a head start on the bonding process. Of course, some people are still keen
for a surprise when it comes to their baby’s gender and doesn’t feel the need to know. If this is the case, though, be warned: you will be fending off the question, ‘Do you know what it is yet?’ until the day when you finally do.

SneakPeek - Early Gender Prediction DNA and Blood test for gender reviews
SneakPeek – Early Gender Prediction DNA and Blood test for gender reviews

If you cannot wait to find out your baby’s gender. Sneak Peek does work! This test was super easy; the results were accurate and quick and not painful to get the blood. As long as you follow instructions, you will be okay.This was so worth it to find out the gender a few weeks earlier!

The collection process was very simple, and the directions were very thorough. The kit came with alcohol pads, a collection vial, and a few lancets. If you are queezy at the site of blood, this might be a little confusing. The kit is easy to use, prick finger and squeeze a few drops of blood into the tube. They shipped you another testing kit for free, and they had your results in less than 12hrs from the time they received your samples. The instructions were easy to follow, and the whole process took about 15 min.

Blood was easy to retrieve, just use the tricks to get your blood pumping. While the actual procurement of the sample was neither fun or easy. The provide you with three lancets and a tube for the blood sample.- The results came back super fast after taking the test at exactly nine weeks.

Sneak Peek does not advertise that its results are 100% correct, so there is always a chance your results could be wrong. You have to scrub the entire counter and wash your hands with good soap and be generous with those alcohol pads and Get a FULL REFUND if your gender blood test was wrong and test result does not match the gender of your newborn baby.

SneakPeek - Early Gender Prediction DNA and Blood test for gender reviews

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“I ordered this test right around the 9 week Mark as suggested. The test arrived promptly and the directions were clear. Pricking your finger stings a bit but nothing serious. Results arrived in the time frame promised and subsequently confirmed with our gender scan at 20 weeks. A great way to start planning a little earlier. I highly recommend this test.” By Amazon Customer

“I bought this at 7 weeks waited for an Ultrasound to confirm how far along I was. At 9 weeks and 1 days I took the test. I cleaned the counters and anything I might touch then started the process. I sent it in and by that Friday of the same week I got an email that it was received and 24 hours later (had to search sneak peek in email) I got my results. It said BOY!! Now I have a son but my hubby has 2 girls so I was thinking this cannot be accurate. Well I am 20 weeks today and my Anatomy Ultrasound told me BOY!!!! I am having a BOY!!! I am head over heels happy. This was the best thing. The hospital gender blood test cost would have charged me $1,000 for the test.” By SaraAnne Bearce


A typical time for a routine prenatal ultrasound is when the mother is 18 weeks pregnant (the baby has reached 16 weeks after conception, is 6 inches long, is clearly a boy or a girl, and is breathing, moving, touching, experiencing, and learning). How accurate an ultrasound is at determining the gender depends on the age of the baby, the quality of the equipment, and the skill of the ultrasonographer.

Today’s ultrasounds tend to be very accurate, but I would not assume it to be more accurate than your health care staff suggest at the time. There is general agreement that ultrasound is a great tool for some pregnancy complications. However, whether or not all pregnant women should have a routine ultrasound remains controversial.

The arguments for routine ultrasound are that it provides much more accurate dating of your pregnancy than does a menstrual period; it alerts you early on if you are having more than one baby; it locates the placenta to warn your doctor if it may be in the way at the time of delivery; it can detect many abnormalities in infants, and adding it to baby gender blood test kit make them more accurate.

Use the SneakPeek Early gender prediction blood test in the comfort of your home without the need for a doctor’s office visit. Conveniently receive your result via email. SneakPeek dna gender test was confirmed, it told us girl or boy, and it was correct. The test was easy to do and quick- easy to send back they give you all the supplies when you order this kit.

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