How to dress the summer (and want to hide his pregnant belly)?


How to dress the summer (and want to hide his pregnant belly)?

Pregnant women in winter are lucky: they can easily hide their debut of curves under coats and big sweaters. In the summer, in the middle of the heat wave, it is harder. We help you! Our selection of clothes to wear when it is hot to get her pregnancy incognito.

How to dress the summer (and want to hide his pregnant belly)?
How to dress the summer (and want to hide his pregnant belly)?

“Alone on the sand, eyes in the water … I looked like a sperm whale …” You know this song? No ? Obviously, we have (a little) changed the text. However, it was to convey to you a message of the utmost importance: in summer, despite the heat, one can be:

1) enclosure

2) well looked

3) do not show it too much (we are pregnant, of course, not that we are well looked at … otherwise, no interest)

So certainly the first outfit that comes to mind is the grand alliance “legging + tunic-so-ample-that-no-will-see-your-chest-nor-your-belly- Nothing at all .” However, despite its (undeniable) qualities of comfort, it is not this outfit that we have retained. No, we wanted to introduce you to other outfits:

– Combinations and overalls: THE good idea to be comfortable, hip, and camouflage his little can. The little extra? In sneakers or with heels, the combi is worn day and night.

– Beautiful dresses (without leggings below, it is even better): long, short, jeans, flowers … The dress, even pregnant, is the feminine garment par excellence. Moreover, you do not have to buy it at pregnancy rays, a few sizes above yours and it works!

– Surprises: from boyfriend pants to tutu skirts, it is not because you are pregnant that you have to put your style on pause. On the contrary, it is time to take the pose!

15 pregnancy dresses under !

The pregnancy dress is THE comfortable and easy to wear piece to put your beautiful shapes of future mom in value! Discover 15 models at low prices to adopt now and for the whole summer season.

We could not believe it anymore, but summer is well and truly installed! Moreover, even if the sun is at the end there, it is not always easy to dress when it is hot, especially during pregnancy! During this time of year, the dress remains the indispensable part of your pregnancy wardrobe. Short, medium, long, tight, full, plain or flowery … For the day, an evening or a special event … The dress has the advantage of bending to all occasions, all morphologies and all The stages of pregnancy.

To get dressed all summer in the range of small prices, discover our selection of 15 pregnancy dresses for less than !

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