Pregnant: what pregnancy clothes to choose?


Pregnant: what pregnancy clothes to choose?

Pregnant, the body changes from day to day, and while we should feel beautiful, we do not know at all what to put. We pile up the layette, and we despair before our dressing gown becomes useless. To prevent one of the most beautiful moments of her life from turning into a nightmare, follow the fashion guide and find out what pregnancy clothes to choose.

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Pregnant: what pregnancy clothes to choose?
Pregnant: what pregnancy clothes to choose?

Respect your style

Do not start making a makeover; this is not the time. Your mood is changing due to the hormones, so this is not the time to review everything again.

Think about the basics of your wardrobe without which it will be difficult to survive. Moreover, if you start by redeeming these essentials: jeans, a small knitted dress, leggings, full blouses, the sweater V sweet XXL … Even jeans are now available with a comfort belt. They even follow the trends by declining slim or flared.

Most brands now offer pregnancy clothes ranges: the opportunity to change nothing about her shopping habits or almost.

Wear your usual clothing as long as possible

Giving in to panic or for fear of being overtaken by subsequent events, pregnant women buy pregnancy clothes far too early.
Even if the body begins to change, the real transformations only take place from the 2nd quarter. Also, clothes purchased in early pregnancy will not go quickly and buy in advance is difficult: you do not know precisely how the body will move.

If in your closet you have clothes of different sizes, this is the time to recycle the bigger ones. If you have nothing in stock, start by purchasing parts in a larger size than yours. Do not buy anything expensive, keep the penny for when you will be forced to invest in specialty stores.

Feel free to cheat: your long cardigan crosses over because of the big belly: tie it with a cute brooch.

Pregnancy clothes: opt for monochromy

The best way to refine your silhouette is to choose a solid color from top to bottom. Moreover, the advantage of Unitedis that it goes with just about everything. Given the fact that you are going to have to turn with a limited choice as much to ensure that everything marries together. The prints are not necessarily merry; the stripes can be quickly deformed.

Monochrome does not mean sad: you are not told to wear only gray or black .. Scarves, jewelry, knots, allow you to vary your outfits without too much expense.

Highlight your assets

You are expecting a baby, that does not mean you are going back to the convent. You have the right to show off your new shapes then sublimate them with the pregnancy clothes. Enjoy: you have a nice cleavage.
If the fashion is wide, smock dresses, girl-inspired blouses that float around you, you can still choose patterns to match your shapes. An example: high waist pants make their come-back.

Play with accessories: tie scarves underneath your belly. A very wide belt on the hips. Overlay to emphasize your cleavage: a little Marcel that marries the breasts under a sweater with maxi cleavage.

Prefer comfort

Your sensitivity is at a paroxysm; your hormonal fluctuations disrupt the temperature of your body, you go from overheating to a cold snap in an instant, so focus on natural fiber materials. Not only will it be more pleasant on your skin, but it will be able to breathe without worry. You can also choose suitable materials with lycra thread for added comfort.

Question shoes, you risk getting off your needle heels quickly. The blow of bowl for you the dish is in. Flexible ballerinas, Spartan summer or flat boots in winter … you will have no worry to advance lighter. If you feel better in size larger than yours, do not panic, this is normal … as for the bra’s cap.

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