Pregnancy bra and nursing bra: how to choose them?


Pregnancy bra and nursing bra: how to choose them?

Enclosure, the choice of lingerie is essential. Especially when you decide to breastfeed the baby. You are wondering about the size, the maintenance or the material to be favored? Do you hesitate between different models of pregnancy and breastfeeding bras? Here are some tips to accompany you in your choice!

Pregnancy bra and nursing bra: how to choose them?
Pregnancy bra and nursing bra: how to choose them?

Pregnancy bra and nursing bra: comfort above all

  • When we expect a baby, it is essential to choose a suitable lingerie. Pregnancy bras and nursing bras have the advantage of correctly maintaining the chest. On the one hand, this maintenance helps relieve back pain and, on the contrary, it allows to keep a firmer chest even during the delicate period of breastfeeding.
  • Prefer the wide shoulder straps and soft and smooth materials, such as cotton.
  • For even more comfort, you can be tempted by pregnancy bras and nursing bras in the very elastic material without an armature. Particularly appreciated in late pregnancy when the breasts are the most painful, they bring a very satisfactory maintenance without however compressing the chest.
  • As for the primary systems of your breastfeeding bra, you will have the choice between different models: magnet or clip on the shoulder strap, clip in the cap, small opening for breastfeeding in private on the outside, Or even larger opening if you want to feed your little piece of cabbage quietly at home.

How to choose the size of her pregnancy bra and her breastfeeding bra?

  • Contrary to what is often imagined, it is quite possible to wear a nursing bra during pregnancy. However, it is recommended to wait until the size of the chest is more or less stabilized. You will therefore generally have to wait until the end of the 7th month to be able to select your models of breastfeeding bras serenely and without too much risk of deceiving you.
  • Just like for the pregnancy bra, ideally, bet on a slightly too large bra that lets your chest breathe. In no case should the latter be compressed? Keep in mind that your breasts will take up more volume during milk rises. It is therefore recommended to opt for a cup size above.
  • Try different models until you find the size that fits you correctly and, above all, does not hesitate to seek advice from various professionals. Midwife, gynecologist or specialized saleswoman: each one of them will be able to accompany you at best in your choice.

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