Pregnancy belt : think about it


Pregnancy belt: think about it

From the sixth month of pregnancy, the belly sometimes begins to weigh, and the back pain looks for future mothers. To relieve the weight of your tummy, think of the pregnancy belt or belt holding.

What future does mother not feel the need to be maintained at the basic level? One reader told us about a belt very much in vogue abroad. We conducted the investigation …

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Pregnancy belt: think about it
Pregnancy belt: think about it

The pregnancy belt

It is no longer presented in Switzerland, Canada, or even Japan … and yet it is just beginning (and very slowly) to make itself known in France. Moreover, for a good reason: the belt of support for future and young mothers is the expense of a terrible idea received, the one that persists in saying that such an accessory would prevent the muscles to work.

Dr. Bernadette De Gasquet, at the origin of the “democratization” of this accessory in the hexagon, spent more than ten years to prove the opposite. Not only does the seat belt alleviate the pain, but it also has more than one turn in its bag (or rather in its scratch!) To satisfy moms. More and more midwives recommend it, it is not for nothing!

She has everything to please!

Neither seen nor known; the restraining belt repositioned the pelvis. It also helps all those who wear it to straighten (many have the feeling of having taken a few inches!). As a result, it is immediately easier to find good posture.
Another advantage is that the belt acts on the deepest muscles of the lower abdomen, causing them to work well.

Morality: the tone is maintained, the perineum protected and the abs are not ready to disappear! That should reassure more than one mom. According to the various tests carried out, the belt would also alleviate back pain.

Future mum, tie belt

In general, there are three periods when mothers feel more need to be supported:

  • at the very beginning of pregnancy, when the hormones madden, and the future mother hurts everywhere;
  • around six months of pregnancy ;
  • In late pregnancy, when the weight of the baby begins to weigh.

However, it depends above all on the feelings of the mothers; there is no pre-established rule. The important thing for those who adopt the belt is to put it on correctly if they remain standing. In the lying position, it is much rarer, except really in case of significant pain.

What about the pregnancy belt?

  • Nothing to do with the bandage of pregnancy, which it serves only to make cute and display its belly bouncing. The pregnancy belt or belt is designed to relieve back pain by supporting the weight of the belly. The more important it become, the more the belly pulls on the lumbar and can cause pain. Wearing the belt provides relief.
  • It also helps to reposition the pelvis, decreasing the camber so specific to future mothers. It also makes it possible to work the abs and the muscles of the back smoothly.
  • Another benefit of the seat belt, it would help prevent urinary leakage by acting on the root muscles of the lower abdomen.
  • Useful during extended standing, during housework or long walks, it is advisable however not to wear it continuously, but only when the back is very stressed.

What are the models of pregnancy belts and how to choose it?

There are several models of pregnancy belts:

– carried at the level of the pelvis, under the belly.

– covering part or the whole of the belly and leaving the pelvis.

– passing only above and below the belly.

  • Depending on the model, it is worn on or under clothing.
  • It is not very discreet and difficult to hide under the clothes, so privilege ample clothes when you wear it. Another small flat, it can keep warm in summer!
  • Choose it to the right size; it should neither hurt nor compress the stomach too much. The best thing is always to try it. Even if you buy it on the Internet, you can always return it to have a more suitable size. There are so-called evolutionary models, which adapt according to the stage of your pregnancy and the size of your belly, it is convenient.
  • Also, allow her to wash quickly.
  • In all cases, ask your midwife or gynecologist for advice. They may even prescribe it (but it is not reimbursed by Social Security).

Mothers seduced by the belt

” I wore the belt in late pregnancy and more than six weeks after giving birth. I took it as soon as I stood and even every time I got up to go to the toilet in the hospital. I had two Caesarean sections, and the belt brought me a great benefit. I felt supported, and I also felt that the scar was less tense. ”
Sharon, mother of Maceo Cienna 3 years and one year

” I had an umbilical hernia after my 3rd birth. I was in great pain and felt the need to be restrained, but they always told me that there was nothing to be done. I did not dare stand; I felt like my stomach was going to fall. As soon as I put on the belt, belated yet, after seven months, it made me a crazy. I had the feeling of regaining strength and growing by 10 cm! I breathed much better too. Today, I put it when I carry my children, and I only regret one thing: not having had it before. ”
Sandrine, mum of Apolline, seven months

Where to find it?

You will find pregnancy belts in Zoom on best maternity support belt reviews.

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