8 Great gifts for a new mom


8 Great gifts for a new mom

Your best friend finally gave birth after nine long months of pregnancy, and you will die of impatience to discover her little piece of cabbage and congratulate her as it should be. However, there is no question of arriving at the maternity with empty hands, and it is not even worth talking to you about a bouquet of flowers, for it is a banality! No, you have to offer the young mother an original gift to set you apart from others. It remains to choose which one and ideas are not lacking. Fortunately, Red Raspberry is here to help you choose a gift worthy of mom … and her baby!

8 Great gifts for a new mom
8 Great gifts for a new mom

You will soon be a daddy, or your little treasure is already born? Congratulations ! Becoming mum, it is celebrating!

Here are original gift ideas, and shifted for every budget, to congratulate the young mother and tell her to thank you for this adorable gift: a baby.

Long live the “Good for …”

Small means, but great imagination! A young mother can quickly be submerged in the first days of life with baby, and the dad does not always know how to find his place. Offer him “Good for …” nap without having to watch the baby alarm clock, a full day of diaper changes, two hours of freedom just by her, to see a friend, go window shopping, go to the beautician …

A party for her only

The arrival of the baby will indeed be celebrated many times, but for an evening, make the young mother a real queen! Invite a few friends, and above all, plan a beautiful buffet, putting all the friends to contribute, garnished with all those delicious dishes that were prohibited during the pregnancy! Foie gras, sushi, raw milk cheese … The baby blues will soon be forgotten! The little extra that can make fun: finding someone to keep baby all night (the grandparents of the child?), She will also have a complete night without being awakened by the baby.

A spa

Maternity, it tires a lot, and the young mother will need a good massage and care for the body made by professionals. A walk through the spa will do her the best, and she will be very grateful. You can even accompany her to share this moment of relaxation between girlfriends. Your friend can bask in an excellent hammam with essential oils or relax with a massage with hot stones.

A care kit

When one becomes a mom, it is essential to take care of one’s body. Show your friend that you care about her well-being by bringing her a box full of pleasant and fragrant cosmetics. You can personalize the basket yourself with all your favorite products, so she will think of you every time she uses them.

A personalized baby blanket

Is there a better way to welcome your friend’s baby into this world than by wrapping him in a blanket in his name? You can also embroider the cover yourself with the baby’s initials to personalize it further.

A jewel

With a jewel, you will be sure not to go wrong. Of jewelry, it always gives pleasure to a young woman. You can even offer him two personalized gourmettes with his name and that of his beloved baby. The jewels are eternal and will remain a beautiful souvenir engraved in metal.


Surprise your girlfriend by offering her a nice piece of lingerie. After giving birth, the young mother will be happy to feel light and seductive again. Put everything on a pretty nightie or a silk nappy to be sure not to make a mistake of taste.

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A nursing pillow

Leachco Cuddle-U Basic Nursing Pillow and More
Leachco Cuddle-U Basic Nursing Pillow and More

Nothing is more comfortable than a simple nursing pillow: a real maternity cushion that will become her best friend, whether it is to breastfeed, of course, but also give the baby bottle, stall baby, rest legs very heavy …

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Beautiful and feminine while nursing

A young mother is all a woman! Celebrate the femininity of your spouse and know how to show her how you love her, as she is, by offering her a nursing suit.

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