Nursing cushion and body pillow for pregnancy


Nursing cushion and body pillow for pregnancy

Throughout your pregnancy, your baby will continue to grow and take up more space. Your belly will, therefore, become a little bulkier each month! So when approaching the term of your pregnancy, it will be more and more difficult for you to find the right position to sleep or take a nap. But rest assured all pregnant women have already gone through there. This is why most of them advise buying one of the essentials during pregnancy: the pregnancy cushion or nursing pillow.

Nursing cushion and body pillow for pregnancy
Nursing cushion and body pillow for pregnancy

What is it?

The pregnancy cushion, also called nursing pillow, is a large, very flexible, banana-shaped pillow. This shape makes it possible to adapt perfectly to your body of a pregnant woman.

What is it used for?

This cushion is designed to relieve the tension related to your pregnancy (in the back, shoulders, neck …). These strains are particularly present during the last months of your pregnancy; your belly is so imposing that you do not know what position to take to sleep, your nerves are then put to severe tests. The nursing cushion will bring you an essential wellness and thus help you through these trying last few months. But this is not all; this cushion will also serve you after your pregnancy to install your baby comfortably during his lactation or naps.

Why do pregnant women need a pregnancy pillow?

With weight gain, pregnant women often have back pain. To relieve them, midwives recommend that they use a pregnancy pillow. But is its usefulness summed up in this?

Promoting sleep

All models of pregnancy cushions are U-shaped. They are filled with small balls of polystyrene, and sometimes other material. They are recommended by midwives to prevent and alleviate the back pain of pregnant women. Thanks to this accessory, they will be able to fight against sleep disorders and will sleep more peacefully. Indeed, by putting the cushion under the cheek and between the legs, the future mothers can relax. With this cushion, they can also sleep on the stomach.

A nursing accessory

The pregnancy cushion remains a practical and useful accessory even after the period of pregnancy. For young mothers, this cushion, also called nursing cushion, allows them to breastfeed a baby without much difficulty. To do this, the young mother has to put the arm that supports her baby on the cushion. She can also place her child on the pillow to be placed at breast height. The two arms of the mother are thus released, making breastfeeding less stressful. In addition to these techniques, fathers or other family members can also use it to bottle feed. The young mothers will be able to enjoy this little respite to have a balanced breakfast, to be beautiful, etc.

How to choose a pregnancy cushion or nursing pillow?

To properly choose your pregnancy cushion, it is important to take into account different points:

  • Comfort above all: to be comfortable your pregnancy cushion must be very malleable, to be able to take the shape you want. Most of the time the pregnancy cushions are padded either with micro-beads made of polyester or spelled (100% natural).
  • Removable cover for easy maintenance: your pregnancy cushion is going to be much used during pregnancy or after the arrival of a baby, therefore it will get dirty quickly (especially if you use it outdoors). Remember to check that the cushion cover you want to buy can be removed and washed in a machine for easy cleaning.
  • Size of the cushion: Do not take it too small (1 m 70 minimum). The purpose of the pregnancy cushion is to best marry your pregnant woman’s body, so if you take a small cushion this will harm your comfort. Also be careful if you take it too big, it will take up a lot of room in your bed … Your darling may not really appreciate!
  • Define your needs: Do you want to use the cushion only during your pregnancy? do you also want to use it for breastfeeding? or for your baby’s nap? Some cushions will be more suitable to be used before and after your pregnancy. For example, if you want to use it to install your baby, take a cushion with a seat belt. Never leave your baby unattended on a cushion high.
  • Pregnancy cushion and ecology: if ecology is important to you, know that there are organic cushions of breastfeeding.
  • The aesthetic aspect: the aesthetics of your pregnancy cushion is a not insignificant point. This cushion will follow you everywhere and be left as well on your couch as in your room or that of the baby. It is therefore important to choose the style of your cushion: do you prefer it to be united? pattern ? What material of cover? Are you leaning for cotton, jersey or oilcloth? It is up to you to make the point according to your tastes and according to your decoration so that it is in agreement with this one.
  • Its price: you will find it at different prices, but it is entirely possible to find good cheap pregnancy cushions.

Benefits of the pregnancy cushion or nursing pillow

  • Scalable: it can be used during pregnancy for your comfort and afterward to breastfeed a baby or to install it inside.
  • Cozy at will: For many pregnant women this is the indispensable accessory of pregnancy. You will love to snuggle up against your pregnancy cushion. But do not forget your darling, he may be a little jealous of your precious pillow!
  • Very malleable: it adapts to the position you give it for optimum comfort. Micro-ball cushions are often more flexible than those with another padding.
  • Soothes your nights: late in pregnancy, insomnia is prevalent. They are because it becomes complicated to find the right position in the bed and the pains (back, shoulders, neck …) related to the weight of your can. The pregnancy cushion will help you sleep better and relieve your back pain, shoulders …

Now you know why the pregnancy pillow is going to be a real ally during and after your pregnancy. It would be a pity to deprive you of it. Trying is adopting!

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