3 Best maternity yoga pants for Belly Breathing


3 Best maternity yoga pants for Belly Breathing

Yoga is a fantastic form of exercise for expectant moms because the stretching and posture poses help prepare your body for childbirth. If you can embrace the true meditative benefits of yoga, those skills may help keep you calm during the early stages of motherhood, when the kid is working your last nerve and you feel like nothing is going right. Plus, the pelvic and stabilizing exercises that are part of yoga (as well as Pilates) can help you deal with the lower back pain you’ll most likely experience at some point in your
second and third trimester.

3 Best maternity yoga pants for Belly Breathing
3 Best maternity yoga pants for Belly Breathing

Yoga is also one of the more appealing forms of exercise to ease back into after labor. Look for classes that stick to the safety requirements of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Most yoga studios now offer prenatal yoga, so give one a call and ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. Ask if the studio needs a signed permission form from your doctor; many do.

If you’re currently going to yoga classes or using tapes at home, make sure to avoid inversions (headstand, handstands, etc.) and any deep twists from the waist. Of course, as your belly grows, you don’t want to put pressure on your bump with poses that require you to lay on your stomach, like the Cobra. One more tip: Remember to keep breathing throughout the exercises—preferably inhaling and exhaling through your nose—to prevent
your muscles from cramping.

Belly Breathing

If you practice yoga, you’re already familiar with ujjayi breathing. It’s a form of breathing that can help you relax and focus your energy during labor. It can take a bit of practice to master and you might feel a bit silly doing it, but it’s good stuff. Here’s how to do it: Breathe in through your nose, resting the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Allow your belly to inflate with oxygen (it may help to rest your hand or a box of tissues on your stomach so you can see and feel it expand). Slowly exhale through your nose, actively pushing out the air from your abdomen. This should make an audible sound, like “hrrr.” You can practice your breathing anytime. It’s not only good for labor, but for whenever you’re feeling stressed. If it doesn’t feel good to exhale through your nose, try exhaling through your mouth.

Best maternity yoga pants

Since workout gear is so figure-hugging, you’ll find that you’ll outgrow it long before your regular clothes. You can buy non-maternity clothes that are a size or two bigger before you go for full-on maternity wear. You’ll likely use them again when you’re breast-feeding and easing back into exercise postpartum. Here are some good options:


Stretch Maternity Leggings Seamless Solid Color Nursing Clothes

Stretch Maternity Leggings Seamless Solid Color Nursing Clothes.

Great quality and fit really well.They are so comfortable but they also are really nice and can be worn with everything from a sweatshirt or sweater to a dress. They are slightly shiny (not matte like cotton leggings) which makes them able to be dressed up and more versatile.The colors and material is great as well. It is very comfortable to run and exercise in.

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Beachcoco Women's Maternity Fold Over Comfortable Lounge Pants

Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Fold Over Comfortable Lounge Pants.

These pants are very comfortable.These pants expand with your growing belly. They fit nicely, just as you would expect any yoga type pant to fit. They are lightweight and the fabric is on the thinner side.

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Simplicity Pregnant Women's Cotton Knit Maternity Stretch Leggings

Simplicity Pregnant Women’s Cotton Knit Maternity Stretch Leggings.

Perfect for last trimester and post c section! Very thin, soft and light weight.Great material and thicker than most leggings.They’re one size fits all and have an adjustable elastic with buttons in the waistband.

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Tips for safe sweating

It’s important not to get overheated. Avoid exercising in hot, humid weather. If you live in a sultry place like Orlando or New Orleans, you’re better off joining a gym in the summer. When you exercise indoors, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated space or next to a fan.

If you regularly practice bikram or “hot” yoga, it’s a smart move to switch over to a regular yoga class. Hot yoga rooms can reach 105 ºF or hotter and may have humidity levels above 40 percent; I’ve seen non-pregnant friends pass out from the heat and intensity.

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