5 gifts for pregnant wife


5 gifts for pregnant wife

Leggings, anti-stretch mark … Here are 5 gifts you can make (or blow your lover) during your pregnancy. Selection of pleasure and utility guaranteed.

5 gifts for pregnant wife
5 gifts for pregnant wife

A sleeping cushion

Leachco Cuddle-U Basic Nursing Pillow and More
Leachco Cuddle-U Basic Nursing Pillow and More

The sleep of a pregnant woman can become a calvary, especially from the third trimester. To find a comfortable position, lie on the left side or three-quarters by placing a cushion between your legs. It will also serve you after birth to stall your baby and if you wish, breastfeed it.

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An extension for your jeans

This elastic waistband is the ideal trick for the first trimester! So, you do not need to change wardrobe right away. Just keep your jeans and other stockings closed with the “flex-belt”. In less sophisticated, you can also attach a fabric hair elastic in the slide of your button to gain a few inches.

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A solution against stretch marks

Enceinte, the good gestures beauty
Enceinte, the good gestures beauty

There is no miracle cure for the streaks that appear on the stomach, thighs, and hips of most mothers since stretch marks are the result of hormonal upheaval. On the other hand, to relax your skin to increase its elasticity and to nourish it to accelerate its repair, it is possible thanks to a well-adapted care. Go with your eyes closed in the first month with this blend of natural oils, champion of certifications in organic cosmetics.

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Balloon Gym and Pilates Anti-Burst
A pregnancy balloon

It is your ally during pregnancy for softening exercises, Pilates classes, natural pool massages, at home or in preparation for childbirth. It will also be your best friend to handle the pain of contractions while staying in motion without ever risking to hurt you. Finally, after birth, you may also need it to facilitate your rehabilitation. This model has the merit of being “anti-burst,” which means that in case of perforation, it deflates slowly. In short, it remains to choose the size adapted to your silhouette.

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Dream Belt, belt for better sleeping pregnant

To allow future mothers to sleep in comfort, Babymoov created the belt Dream Belt.

A super comfort belt for the night of the future moms!

A cushion belt

The Dream Belt is composed of two cushions-reinforcements on the sides and a central space for the belly.

The cushions are of shape memory and allow to fill the space between the belly and the mattress. The future mother is thus well wedged in lateral position.

At the front, the belt consists of a wide strip of cotton/elastane fabric that will adapt to the belly when it is going to grow, and two elastic bands, top, and bottom, designed to ensure an excellent support.

Finally, the Dream Belt closes in the back with a scratch.

An ergonomic belt

Developed in partnership with midwives, the Dream Belt is designed to adapt to all morphologies, and specifically to the evolution of the body during the different stages of pregnancy.

Perfectly adapted, it follows all the movements of the future mother during her sleep – unlike a cushion that must be taken and readjusted as soon as you want to change position.

A practical belt

Machine washable, the Dream Belt can be worn directly on the skin or clothing.

For the nap or at night, it adapts to all movements of the future mother, for a better quality of sleep. Moreover, when one knows how restful sleep contributes to physical fulfillment and good humor …

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