10 necessary to buy from the beginning of her pregnancy


10 necessary to buy from the beginning of her pregnancy

First-trimester pregnancy clothes

Between the first and third months of pregnancy, your body is already beginning to change. To be more comfortable, adapt your wardrobe! How? Follow the advice of specialists!

10 necessary to buy from the beginning of her pregnancy
10 necessary to buy from the beginning of her pregnancy

– Your body changes:

The chest increases a bit; it is not uncommon to take 1 cup size the first three months! The belly begins to swell a little. On the 3rd month, most moms start to feel tight in their pants.

– Your priority purchase:

A pregnancy bra, to choose with or without a frame, as long as it maintains well and does not compress the chest. Moreover, of course, pants, skirts or pregnancy shorts, to mix with your usual tops.

– The materials to be preferred:

Comfortable materials (a stretch touch is always better on trousers), in a season (a little wool or jeans in winter, light materials in summers such as linen, cotton or Jersey).
Prefer natural materials (cotton or bamboo mesh rather than synthetics on the skin that tend to perspire) and easy to maintain because you will not necessarily want to caval at dry cleaning …

– The trick in +:

To try a pair of pants, sit down with! It should not compress the belly, on the contrary, you must be able to pass the thickness of a finger between the belly and the pants. If this is not the case, it means that the cut or the size of the pants does not suit you. If you choose trousers with a tubular mesh waist, try it to make sure it stays in place, and will not slip when you take a stomach.

10 necessary to buy from the beginning of her pregnancy

Nice jeans, comfortable shoes, a beautiful belt: with some basic, you can create a look of pregnancy styled (well, if you follow our advice …). Tempted?

Been to Antoine de Rivarol? Do not worry, either. However, this French author of the eighteenth century wrote: “Style is nothing, but nothing is without style.” A quote to meditate, even if poor Antoine did not refer to fashion (and that between us, his style to him curled the fashion faux pas). Anyway, in your first months of pregnancy, your body changes – roundnesses here and there – and you do not always know how to dress to be comfortable with our new silhouette while Remaining lookout. Fortunately, there are basics you can count on, in winter or summer:

Good jeans and black leggings. Whether you want to unveil your can, your best ally will be the pants. Slim, flared, or underpants, most brands offer pregnant models as pretty as the ones you had worn before you were pregnant. No need to buy them by five (you know), just find the model that will accompany you over time!

High flared. Shirt, top, blouse, waistcoat and other kimonos will allow you to wear pieces as original as comfortable while camouflaging your curves (if necessary). The double magic effect? The first few weeks, you will not necessarily have to draw in the pregnancy rays to dress you, and you will be able to continue to put them after the arrival of the baby.

A comfy dress and a sexy dress. These two key pieces are comfortable to wear and guarantee a guaranteed success!

Practical shoes and multifunction accessories.


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