7 tips to support the heat


7 tips to support the heat

Did you know? In pregnancy, pregnancy already causes a rise in body temperature, about 37 ° 5 to 37 ° 8, due to hormones and an increase in blood volume. All the more reason to worry about your well-being in the event of high heat. Our advice.

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7 tips to support the heat
7 tips to support the heat

1. I hydrate …

It looks all say in a silly way like this, but it is important though and plenty to hydrate you in times of high heat. Do not forget that you drink for two! Enclosure, go to a consumption of 1 bottle of water in standard time to 2 or 3 when the thermometer climbs. Avoid sodas and other sugary drinks; they do not necessarily drink when it is hot, and also they are high in sugar. Choose mineral water, with a little lemon, mint syrup … You can also opt for cold tea or herbal tea. One tip: avoid drinking too cold to prevent digestive problems. Prefer the water at room temperature. Drink in small amounts and often. Do not forget to bring a small bottle of water with you when you travel.

2. I refresh myself

  • The heat in the future mother can cause unpleasant phenomena: excessive sweating, restless sleep, even small discomfort … All the tricks are happy to offer you a fresh charge.
  • In the morning when it is still fresh, enjoy it to air the house well. Then close blinds, shutters, curtains … to avoid the heat of inviting yourself into your interior. Is your room a furnace? Sit in a cooler room to sleep if possible. The fan is also a good alternative. Think also to refresh yourself by taking a shower, dipping your feet in a basin of cold water, passing your wrists under cold water or a wet glove on the neck, bust, forehead. Buy a fogger. Everything is good to refresh! Another trick is to take a walk in the air-conditioned places like shopping malls, supermarkets, frozen rays …

3. I throw myself into the water

It is still the best way to refresh yourself. A little trip to the pool, does that tell you? Not to mention that swimming or water aerobics are excellent sports during pregnancy to relieve back pain, keep fit … and most importantly relax. If you are lucky enough to be at the seaside, choose long legs in the water (with a hat on your head to avoid any sunburn or risk of pregnancy mask ).

4. I program my diet on “summer.”

During periods of high heat, there is no need to add more by consuming dishes that are too heavy, too rich in fats or too spicy. Your digestion would be more difficult and the temperature of your body already naturally higher during these nine months would increase still further. Your food friends? White meat, fish, fresh fruit, cooked vegetables … it is good, it is the season! Beware of raw vegetables that irritate the digestive system and promote the bloating already frequent during pregnancy. Last advice: Avoid over-salting your dishes as this promotes water retention.

5. I plan a cool wardrobe

  • Light, loose-fitting clothes are what you need in the event of high heat. Avoid clothing too close to the body as well as synthetic materials that tend to cause sweating. Opt for cotton, linen and also light colors that “repel” the heat. Do not forget the hat! For your underwear, but for all cotton to minimize sweating and also to avoid vaginal infections.
  • On the shoe side, prefer the soft, open sandals in which you are comfortable and preferably half a size above your usual size. Do not forget, even in high heat, that your ankles must be well maintained … then exit the flip flops!

6. I Flee the Sun

This is, of course, the best way to not suffer from the heat! If you can, avoid going out at the hottest hours, between 12 and 5 pm (like babies!). To avoid the famous mask of pregnancy (brown spots on the face due to hyperpigmentation), protect your face with a whole screen and a wide-brimmed hat.

7. I clean my legs

  • Enclosure, blood volume increases under the influence of hormonal upheavals, and the venous return becomes more difficult because of the size of your uterus. The circulation is worse, especially in the legs, a phenomenon accentuated when it is hot. To soothe yourself, pass the cold shower spray on your feet, use a footrest under your desk if you are working, sleep the raised legs with a cushion. Consider using a special gel for thick legs and treat yourself, why not an Institute care as a special lymphatic draining future mom. It will do you good.
  • You can also opt for natural remedies like homeopathy or herbal medicine (let five teaspoons of a mixture of red vine, mint and witch hazel in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes). There are also yoga postures that will relieve you effectively.

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