Toxic things to avoid when pregnant


Toxic things to avoid when pregnant: During pregnancy, it is more imperative than ever to distance with toxic substances in everyday products. How to choose products without risk to the health of the mother and her baby?

Toxic things to avoid when pregnant
Toxic things to avoid when pregnant

Toxic things to avoid when pregnant: Getting rid of bad habits

Toxic things to avoid when pregnant:
Toxic things to avoid when pregnant:

Make the deadlock on Tobacco and Alcohol. A cocktail of toxic substances, smoking, is probably the number 1 enemy of the pregnant woman. Hemorrhage, placental hematoma, increased a risk of premature birth or intrauterine growth restriction: risks related to tobacco and its smoke are numerous and have

something to fear. 21.8% of pregnant women smoke, and 15% are still in the 3 th quarter.Stopping smoking is crucial. However, we must also avoid exposure to secondhand smoke. It is the same for alcohol consumption: during pregnancy, should be prevented even in tiny quantities!

Adopt a proper diet. Consuming organic products can be a start to limit exposure to pesticide residues. Whatever their origin, vegetables and fruits should be thoroughly washed before being prepared. Other reflexes to adopt: choose glass preserving rather than metal, containing a lining.

Cooking with the right tools. Pots, pans and kitchen utensils: they are often treated with potentially toxic products. Are selected without release coating. Teflon is not recommended, as it contains PFOA, termed endocrine disruptors. Spatulas and other wooden utensils are also not recommended as also treated with chemicals.

The right choice: Prefer materials like stainless steel, glass or ceramic (provided that the latter be equipped with the standard US., the only guarantee of avoiding a resin that mimics ceramic).

Opting for a natural household. Products detergents, oven cleaners. Many cleaning products contain highly toxic substances. You are therefore strongly advised to use them yourself, but also to be exposed to at home. To play it safe and keep a clean and healthy inside, there are natural and effective alternatives.

The right choice: the vinegar, the baking soda, the soap or beneficial soap liquid do wonder in any room of the house. The land sommières is an excellent stain remover; diatomaceous earth entirely replaces repellent insecticides. The micro-fiber cloths replace all kinds of wipes.

You will also find good household products labeled US Ecolabel in supermarkets.

Taking care of the quality of indoor air. Moreover, to prevent its housing is polluted, the first solution is to ventilate enough. To be also avoided: scented candles, incense, etc. Furniture chipboard must also draw your distrust. They contain formaldehyde, carcinogenic irritant also classified by WHO. Ideally, this kind of furniture should be vented or stored in a separate room during the six weeks of purchase.

Clothing and textiles are not spared by chemicals. Moreover, thanks to perspiration and permeability of the skin, these harmful substances easily enter the body. It is essential to wash his clothes minimum two times before wearing.

Toxic things to avoid when pregnant: bathroom

Toxic things to avoid when pregnant:
Toxic things to avoid when pregnant:

Opting for organic beauty. Regarding cosmetics, choose organic labeled products with more natural formulations can reduce contact with potentially harmful products that could harm the embryo. Beware of nail polish! This is perhaps the cosmetic product the richest in endocrine disruptors. A study of Noteo Institute, 74% of them contain.

The right choice if you value your manicure, try to space them to let your nails breathe between two applications. Some brands now offer natural formulas that do not contain hazardous to health.

Toxic things to avoid when pregnant: Change toothpaste. Contacts the gingival mucosa, harmful chemicals in toothpaste can easily get into your blood. One can choose organic to limit the number of chemical ingredients, but it does not guarantee the total absence of toxic substances. To choose: we make sure it does not contain Triclosan. This anti-bacterial agent found in many cosmetic products including a suspected endocrine disruptor significant.

 In the shower: it avoids shower gels, that may contain endocrine disrupting chemicals and soaps, including overly aggressive formula, often contains dyes, synthetic fragrances, preservatives. Beware of brands marketing arguments: the “hypoallergenic” mention does not guarantee the absence of allergenic components.

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Hair side: If you were looking for the perfect shampoo, want it without silicones or sulfates. the contact time being rather quiet, no obligation to do without your usual shampoo. However, some products are not recommended. This is the case in styling hair sprays and lacquers which represent an inhalation hazard, but also colorations, which contain many substances which we ignore the real effects on pregnant women.

Choosing the right deodorant. This daily should be chosen carefully. Enclosure avoids products containing aluminum salts, parabens, alcohol or essential oils, potentially allergenic during pregnancy.

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