The summer wardrobe of pregnancy


The summer wardrobe of pregnancy: No need to go into a sophisticated wardrobe. In the summer, under the sun, it is lightweight, T-shirts, hat and cap! Side shoes, better to choose them open to being also more comfortable.

The summer wardrobe of pregnancy
The summer wardrobe of pregnancy

To the beach…

Avoid the black jersey (even if you feel like it slims a little …), because dark colors inevitably attract heat. The advice also applies, for that matter, for your choice of clothes … Otherwise, a piece or two for the jersey? It is up to you to see, but in any case, your belly must remain protected. Do not go out without your sunglasses! It is not about making the starlet, but about preserving your eyes, more sensitive with pregnancy.

Think also of the parasol and small seat of beach to be able to install comfortably in the shade. On the other hand, ask your beloved to wear them …

Fresh Reflexes

Consider drinking, drinking, and refreshing, especially in hot weather: 1.5 L to 2 L of water per day, it is a minimum to stay well hydrated! Allow yourself also small moments coolness by pressing without complex on the relaxation of your fogger.

Not to mention your other ally of the summer: the fan (no, no, it is not outdated!). It will take a minimum of space in your bag and will always be there in case of need!

You now have all the cards in hand to spend a cool summer. You can also relax and change your mind … before Baby arrives!

Under the sun

Enclosure, under the sun

Our health tips adapted to future moms, to spend a summer with serenity!

Friend or foe? The sun gives you good looks and balm in the heart, but do not also forget its hidden side. For, when it is underestimated, it can quickly release its claws. Pregnant, this is not the time to take the slightest risk. Arm yourself with precautions against unpleasant surprises …

Protect yourself!

The refrain is always the same, but no question this year of dodging it! Your skin is more fragile, which exposes you to a greater risk of sunburn … and “hot stroke”! So be generous with the sunscreen, which you will have taken care to choose with a high index. A whole screen is even better! Your dear and tender will also be pleased to apply it to the entire body, at least every two hours.

Well protected, your skin is also less exposed to the risk of unsightly spots on the face, the vast mask of pregnancy. Particularly as it persists until the childbirth and can reappear the following summers …

As a reminder, it is better to avoid going out in the hottest hours – between 12:00 and 16:00 – where the ultraviolet rays are merciless. An idea to help you wait: why not take advantage of it to take a nap? …

Stretch marks, no false hopes!

Do not think that by exposing yourself to the sun, your stretch marks will tan and therefore fade. They always keep their original color …

Mothers sulk the bikini

At the time of the swimming and passed to the sea in the family, a poll reveals a particular evil being in the mothers who refuse to carry the bikini …

Summer is often the perfect time to wear a super swimsuit. However, women who have just had a baby confess to being complexed by stretch marks and not be tempted by the bikini. The survey carried out by the commercial site “Cussons toiletries” reveals that 36% of young mothers do not want to wear the bikini because of the unsightly traces of their pregnancy. Almost 14% of them speak of their illness and ensure that they do not support their bodies since the arrival of the baby. Moreover, for a good reason, 99% of study mothers reported having stretch marks. Moreover, 11% even say they are “covered” by these marks, mostly on the stomach, breasts, hips and thighs. It is also advisable to apply from the beginning of pregnancy creams and oils daily to soften the skin and moisturize it. They limit the appearance of these marks on the skin.

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