Stretching routine for pregnant


Stretching routine for pregnant

Stretching routine
Stretching routine

Always precede your exercise programme by warming up with these few stretching exercises. They gently warm up the muscles and joints so that you can move more freely, reducing the risk of overstretching and damage. Warming up muscles before exercising will also decrease the risk of your suffering from stiffness and cramp. Furthermore, these activities help to stimulate the circulation, giving you and your baby a good supply of oxygen. Repeat each exercise five to ten times; work on a firm surface, make sure you are comfortable and that your posture is good with your back straight. If necessary, lean your back against a wall or use cushions for extra support. Remembering to breathe normally throughout, start the stretching routine slowly and if you feel any pain, discomfort or fatigue, stop at once.

Waist and thigh stretch

Sitting with your back straight, bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together. Breathe deeply. Then cross your legs, breathe out and turn your upper body to the right, placing your right hand behind you. Hold for a count of five, and repeat to the other side. This stretches the muscles of the waist and inner thighs.

Stretching routine for pregnant
Stretching routine for pregnant

-Keep your back straight; sit against a wall if necessary

-Place your left hand on your right knee to help control the stretch,

-Breathe out as you turn to the left, reaching as far as is comfortable

-Clear your mind,  breathe in deeply, and try to relax your body

-Gently turn to look over your shoulder, keeping your back and neck straight

Arm stretches

Lift your left arm up above your head. Bending the elbow, drop four hand down behind your back. Put your right hand on your left elbow and push it gently. Then put you right hand down behind your back and reach up to grasp it with your left hand. Repeat with the other arm.

-Increase the stretch by pushing the elbow

-Reach as far down your back as you can. Don’t strain

-Sitting in this post is a good way of stretching your thigh muscles

– Clasp your hands together. Don’t worry if you can’t quite reach

Leg and foot stretch

Stretching routine
Stretching routine

Stretching routine, Toning the calves and feet will help to prevent cramp, a common problem in pregnancy. Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. Slowly raise one knee, hold for a count of five and then straighten out the leg. Repeat with your other leg. Then raise your foot off the floor and flex it outwards. Circle your ankle in both directions. Relax and repeat with the other foot.

  • Place your hands under your hips to support your weight
  • Flexing your foot towards your body helps to increase the stretch

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