Spasmophilia crisis: focus on 100% natural remedies


Spasmophilia crisis: focus on 100% natural remedies

In addition to the immediate symptoms (tingling, muscle pain, cramping or hyperventilation), spasmophilia attacks also cause intense fatigue and stress. Discover natural remedies that can effectively combat spasmophilia during pregnancy.

Spasmophilia crisis: focus on 100% natural remedies
Spasmophilia crisis: focus on 100% natural remedies

Spasmophilia during pregnancy: what are the symptoms?

  • A spasmophilia crisis results in high and violent muscle contractions that are uncontrollable. It usually occurs in a particularly contrarian, stressful or anxiogenic situation.
  • When one suffers from chronic attacks of spasmophilia, one quickly recognizes the annunciating symptoms. At first, you feel a sensation of tingling in your hands and then, little by little, the muscles of the arms than of the whole body contract. Very quickly, the heart rate accelerates (we speak then of hyperventilation), and the breathing becomes more difficult.
  • These various symptoms of spasmophilia are sometimes accompanied by cold sweats, light dizziness, and nausea.

To fight against spasmophilia, fill up with magnesium

It is assumed that a proven deficiency in magnesium would favor the appearance of spasmophilia. Indeed, this essential trace element critical to the health intervenes in particular in the powerful functions, releases, and contractions among others. Also, to avoid spasmophilia attacks, bet on foods rich in magnesium such as kale, spinach, green vegetables, banana, dried fruits or even dark chocolate.

Say stop to spasmophilia through relaxation

  • The spasmophilia crisis is usually caused by intense anxiety. However, this same stress amplifies the effects of the crisis. To get out of this infernal circle, you have to learn to relax your body and mind.
  • Why not test relaxation techniques? Yoga, visualization, sophrology, hypnosis, meditation or even reflexology, the choice is vast! This way, you can better channel your emotions and concentration, fight against stress and calmly regulate your heart rate and breathing.

Have you thought about aromatherapy to avoid the effects of spasmophilia?

  • Nature offers you a variety of 100% natural remedies to combat spasmophilia. Aromatherapy, for example, involves using the multiple benefits of essential oils for therapeutic purposes.
  • After the first trimester, essential oils of chamomile, lemon verbena or lavender are especially recommended to allay anxiety, stress, and anxiety during pregnancy. If you want to be oriented towards essential oils, do not forget to consult a health professional specialized in aromatherapy: he will be able to advise you on your approach.

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