Sleep: Are you marmot or insomniac?


Sleep: Are you marmot or insomniac?

Gross fatigue the first three months, insomnia the last three … the hormonal upset – but also psychological – during pregnancy you may play tricks at night!

Sleep: Are you marmot or insomniac?
Sleep: Are you marmot or insomniac?

Since I am pregnant, I am a real marmot

  • It is true; we have known you more celebrity … today, you aspire to only one thing: to find the quilt at the hour of 20 hours and to sleep! No, motherhood does not turn you into a pantyhose … At least not for too long. It is often during the first quarter that this high fatigue is felt because it is a period of intense physical and psychic upheaval.
  • The responsible? The hormones in general and in particular that of pregnancy, namely progesterone. Secreted by the body, this “natural calming,” as described by Dr. Juliane Berdah, gynecologist-endocrinologist, provokes at the height of its production, in the first three months, an irresistible desire to sink into the arms of Morpheus. Moreover, of him alone!
  • However, rest assured, things should quickly get back into order. While you may not be able to resist falling asleep during the first trimester, it will sometimes be just as difficult to abandon yourself in the last few months.
  • What to do? Adopt without hesitation the strategy of the squirrel: make provision for sleep.

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SOS, I am getting insomniac!

  • If the first three months are usually marked by significant fatigue, the end of the pregnancy is sometimes accompanied by insomnia. At this point, your future baby moves much more and wakes you up at night. Some women also complain of cramping, restless dreams or night-time anxiety … If this is your case, it may be useful to talk to your doctor or midwife, or even to a psychoanalyst who Will help you identify the source of your discomfort.
  • What to do? Eat light in the evening and avoid the exciting. Think of relaxation, yoga, and Sophrology that often give good results. You can also ask the doctor or midwife to prescribe if necessary, herbal pills or a homeopathic treatment so that you do not accumulate too much fatigue before giving birth.

I chain the strange dreams

  • Over eight hours of sleep, we spend almost two dreaming. However, pregnant women feel more dreaming. Does pregnancy promote this? “In any case, we often sleep more, at least at the beginning,” says Dr. Berdah. Which, a priori multiplies the chances of remembering his dreams … From the moment of conception, the proportion of paradoxical sleep, during which one dream, also begins to increase. Until the fourth month, this phase occupies 25% of total sleep, reaching 45% at the end of pregnancy.
  • Waiting for a baby is one of the most upsetting events in a lifetime. From the first months on, it is normal that your mind is stormed by a host of emotions that accompany the prospect of giving birth and becoming a mother …
  • Through dreams, it is the unconscious that manifests itself. “It is from the second trimester, when the woman feels physically better, that psychological symptoms appear. Crises of anxiety, nightmares often come to relieve nausea and other symptoms, as if the uneasiness that was expressed in his body was now passing in his head, “says Myriam Szejer, psychoanalyst.
  • What to do? The idea is to take these dreams more or less pleasant – because the nightmares will be part – as messages likely to reveal things about yourself.

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