Melatonin and Vitamin C effective against melasma (pregnancy mask)


Melatonin and Vitamin C effective against melasma (pregnancy mask)
Melasma (chloasma) refers to hyperpigmented spots on the skin of the face, having a hormonal origin, such as the mask of pregnancy in particular. The problem is that these spots are particularly difficult to remove. Very recent work shows that creams based on melatonin and vitamin C represent an effective weapon.

Melatonin and Vitamin C effective against melasma (pregnancy mask)
Melatonin and Vitamin C effective against melasma (pregnancy mask)

What is melasma?

The melasma or chloasma is hyperpigmentation of the face-off spot, which concerns not only pregnant women but also women on hormones (i.e., between puberty and menopause). It corresponds to a pigmentation of the cheeks and forehead, which can occur during pregnancy, hence its name “mask of pregnancy .” It is characterized by multiple small brown spots on the face. These spots are bilateral and symmetrical, hence this “mask” effect. Apart from the sun, this dermatosis has a hormonal origin. Chloasma disappears at birth, but can sometimes persist …

Melasma does not achieve that pregnant woman …

It may also appear as a result of taking hormonal contraception, placing an IUD or no real hormonal change. Given the impressive increase in the number of melasma, we are asking ourselves the question of the impact of endocrine disrupters on melanocytes.

Women most at risk are women with dark skin, but bright surfaces are more and more frequently affected by this enormous wave of melasma.

Repeated solar exposures are a risk factor for melasma.

The latter can also affect humans, as part of taking estrogen therapy for prostate cancer, but some men are beginning to see some hormonal treatment with a mild melasma; Again the endocrine disrupters would be involved.

How to remove melasma stains?

The melasma or mask of pregnancy has the disadvantage of being very difficult to remove, in contrast to what is called the age spots that one always ends up treating.

Melasma stains are not removed by laser or nitrogen, as opposed to age spots. They can be treated with trichloroacetic acid, but this technique only improves the appearance of the skin without making them disappear.

The most conventional treatment is a combination of peelings specific to pigmentation during the same session. Excellent results are obtained.

Prof. Mateo in Palermo * showed that in addition to traditional treatments specific peels, many cases of melasma are effectively treated with a combination of melatonin and vitamin C.

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Melatonin and Vitamin C are effective against melasma (pregnancy mask)

Melatonin combined with vitamin C also restores good skin quality. These creams are for example sufficient to improve a skin that has been exposed to the sun and has undergone premature aging (photoaging).

Indeed, these two ingredients are powerful antioxidants. Melatonin has the advantage of being easily incorporated into the skin because it is attracted by the lipids composing the cell membranes.

Furthermore, there are melatonin receptors on the keratinocytes, cells that make up the very superficial layers of the skin, on the melanocytes, the cells responsible for pigmentation of the skin and it is for this reason that melatonin Is interesting on the problems of pigmentation, and finally on the fibroblasts which make up the cells of the dermis and which manufacture in particular the collagen and the elastin responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

Melatonin has also demonstrated its effectiveness on other skin problems

This is not all about the effects of melatonin. It has an important anti-inflammatory effect and decreases the excess fibrosis that causes the thickening of the skin.

Thus, on scars, a real improvement is observed, with a significant softening of the skin.

The combination of melatonin and vitamin C has also given excellent results on psoriasis, against which the creams we have today are not always perfectly valid.

Since melatonin is anti-inflammatory and has an action against edema and vasodilatation, it should also be of interest when treating rosacea by electrocoagulation. The vitamin C as it has an effect on the vessel wall and can help improve rosacea. Moreover, this action is enhanced in association with melatonin. Melatonin also has an active anti-hair loss effect and stimulates regrowth.

How do you get this type of cream?

Melatonin and vitamin C creams are specifically prepared in pharmacies on the doctor’s prescription, but those with vitamin C are also sold in stores.

These are two different creams, one containing a particular dosage of melatonin, the other of vitamin C, which is applied successively to the skin.

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