Pregnant, what lunch break if I work?


Pregnant, what lunch break if I work?

Under no circumstances should you skip this lunch break during your pregnancy? If you work and have to take your meals out of the house, whether with restaurant vouchers, a meal-home brought to work, or the canteen … our advice to ensure your balance of food.

Pregnant, what lunch break if I work?
Pregnant, what lunch break if I work?

Pregnant, make a real lunch break

  • During pregnancy, there is no question of sacrificing this mid-day break. Try as much as possible to follow regular schedules or try to arrange your appointments accordingly if you are subject to fluctuating schedules. You really can not foresee when you can lunch? Keep in your drawer or bag a small snack (biscuits that bring a share of slow sugars, fruit, yogurt, white cheese …) to wait.
  • Anything that will allow you to make a real break, airing yourself will be beneficial … however, arrange for lunch sitting.

Meal vouchers, homemade meals … our tips

  • If your means are limited, if your restaurant voucher does not cover the amount of a full menu, please take the main course and bring a supplement for dessert (or buy at the grocery store): you will taste it By returning to your workplace.
  • Preparing your meal at home before you leave is also a good formula. There is no problem in taking a cold meal, but thanks to the insulated boxes, you can eat hot. All you have to do is keep your ration in balance and not overlook bread, which is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. Moreover, you can from time to time opt for a sandwich, provided it contains a source of protein (ham, chicken …), raw vegetables, and no mayonnaise but rather a white cheese sauce.

Enclosure, your canteen tray

  • If you are lucky enough to benefit from a canteen, this is the ideal! It gives the possibility of making a real meal, efforts are made to propose a varied and balanced diet, and hygiene conditions are irreproachable.
  • The majority of corporate restaurants now offer a self-service formula. To garnish your tray, you have only the embarrassment of choice … and right combinations.
  • The main course must always include a source of protein (meat, fish, eggs or cheese) with a traditional accompaniment of vegetables or cereals (pasta, rice …).
  • It is according to this main course that you will choose your entry and your dessert in order to balance the intake of complex carbohydrates, essential source of energy, and fat: for example, after green beans, you can afford A pastry … to avoid, on the other hand, after a plate of starchy.
  • Similarly, it is preferable not to follow a small salty tart already fatty entry into a part of fries.
  • It is recommended to incorporate “crudeness” into each meal, either as a starter or as a dessert, as well as a dairy product (milk or cheese) for the source of calcium. Do not forget water or bread.

Moreover, for the future vegetarian moms?

Pregnant vegetarians expand their diet on their own. However, if you continue to sulk meat and fish, it is advised by dieticians to favor cheese, dairy products, and eggs. The preparations made with grain represent an unusual protein intake, just like dried vegetables. Dishes combining a dry vegetable with cereal (rice + red beans or semolina + chickpeas) are particularly suitable.

At lunchtime: place for hygiene rules

If you are eating outside, of course, follow the general advice on health. There is no need to try the devil and expose you, for example, to toxoplasmosis (if you are not immune) or to listeriosis. To be removed from the map: raw or uncooked fish and meat (tartar and carpaccio), whole milk cheeses (and the cheese crust in general) that can transmit a parasite … and shellfish that pose a risk ‘hepatitis. Moreover, last advice, do not forget to wash your hands well before going to table.

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