Pregnant, how to withstand the hot summer heat?


Pregnant, how to withstand the hot summer heat?
With rising temperatures, when you are pregnant, the air quickly becomes unbreathable. It is, therefore, necessary to be careful to hydrate regularly but not only … Here is our advice in case of a heat wave.

Pregnant, how to withstand the hot summer heat?
Pregnant, how to withstand the hot summer heat?

It is nice; it is hot: the holidays are almost there. With them arrive the inconveniences of the heat. For pregnant women, this period can be particularly difficult to cross. Indeed, the symptoms of pregnancy are increased tenfold: the legs are much heavier, you are breathless even faster, and you have difficulty getting dressed or eating. However, when temperatures get hot, there must be very careful.

Drink, Drink, Drink

Protecting yourself from heat stroke is paramount. To do this, the ground rules are to be respected: drinking water regularly, protecting oneself from heat by causing drafts at home or by putting oneself at the edge of the water if possible. Moreover, most importantly, do not go out at the hottest hours, between 11 am and 4 pm.

Except that when baby approaches, beyond the third month of pregnancy, it quickly becomes sultry! Gynecologist-obstetrician Melissa Huyart reminds her that hydration plays a significant role: “A pregnant woman’s body is much more fragile, much like an elderly person, so you have to drink regularly throughout the day. If possible up to two liters per day in case of high heat. ”

Quickly, a tankini to refresh my can

Moreover, this recommendation is also valid for future mothers who practice Ramadan. Indeed, even if the cult advocates neither food nor water during the period of fasting, it is important to put its health in priority: “in the case of severe dehydration, there is a risk for the mother and the child. It is never good to fight against thirst ” explains the specialist.

Enclosure, watch for heat stroke

To help you cope with the heat, a trick is to go to air-conditioned places as often as possible: cinemas, supermarkets, department stores, keep your body fresh. With the heat wave and the condition of the future mother, one extends the hourly range of hours during which to avoid the heat wave. Thus, between 10 am and 8 pm, it is restricted its outings outside.

Little extra stuff. For your comfort remove your rings and bracelets because with the heat, your extremities can inflate and it can become painful.

As for clothing, prefer long dresses empire waist and clothes ample and fluid. For materials, exit the synthetic and live natural and breathable materials. Cotton, silk, and linen will be your best friends.

The heat wave can also cause your ankles and feet to swell. Opt for open-toe slippers in which you only slip or even better, adjustable shoes that will fit the new circumference of your “little” feet.

Moreover, finally, you do not forget to cover your head: capeline, hat, cap or umbrella at each exit. This will also protect you from the pregnancy mask!

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In your plate

Also, fight the heat wave by watching especially what you put on your plates. Choose fruits, vegetables, light dishes (you would suspect it, but it does not hurt to repeat it). Consider also limiting – without suppressing – your salt intake. In fact, the latter promotes the retention of water, you risk of inflating.

Moreover, above all … do not forget to drink!

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