Occupational physician: what role during pregnancy?


Occupational physician: what role during pregnancy?

Warning your doctor about your pregnancy work is putting an extra trump on your side. The arrangement of your workstation or your schedules, temporary assignment to another post, consultation with your doctor for possible work stoppages … enjoy!

Occupational physician: what role during pregnancy?
Occupational physician: what role during pregnancy?

The occupational physician: a pregnant worker during pregnancy

  • You think that the professional physician will duplicate with your doctor? Not at all! The individual supervisory mission that she is responsible for is the possible risks that you may face during your pregnancy as a result of your work. If you are the only one who has the initiative to address you, know that he will be a valuable ally during these nine months.
  • If monitoring your pregnancy is not its role, it will pay particular attention to you: the regulation provides for greater availability for pregnant women. He will be the judge of the nature and frequency of any examinations designed to monitor the compatibility of your condition and the quality of your work. Examinations which, of course, will not be your responsibility.

Occupational physician: at what level can he intervene?

  • He can speak with your employer to ask for a layout of your workstation. Requests for a limited time are not always easy to obtain. However, they must be granted if they are justified, either because of a risk for your future baby or because of complications resulting in a change in your ability to work. For example, the occupational physician can ask for a reduction in schedules, shifted plans allowing you to avoid rush hour in public transport, permission to sit occasionally if you work standing.
  • The binding constraints of some jobs sometimes require a temporary assignment to another position. The Labor Code stipulates that in the event of a dispute with your employer, the occupational physician decides on the medical necessity of this change, as well as on your ability to occupy the new job offered to you. Your employer is obliged to take into account the proposals of the occupational physician or must give reasons in case of refusal. The final decision will be made by the Labor Inspector on the advice of the medical Inspector of Labor, either by you or by the occupational physician. This temporary assignment ends if your status allows you to return to your usual position and can not extend after birth.
  • If your position is considered dangerous and your employer can not assign you elsewhere, you may benefit from a work stoppage. Compensation paid by your employer may be in the form of a differential or additional take advantage of the Social Security, or it may consist of the maintenance of wages (according to the company agreements or the collective agreement if it provides for it).

The occupational physician: a liaison officer with your doctor

Your doctor often ignores all of your working conditions. The information that the professional doctor can give him will help him better manage your pregnancy. This dialogue between the two is all the more necessary in the case of complicated pregnancy or requiring work stoppages.

Good to know

Like any doctor, the occupational physician is obliged to respect medical secrecy. It can not, in any case, disclose your pregnancy to your employer if you do not want it.

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