Is it bad to smoke weed while pregnant: what risk for the child?


Is it bad to smoke weed while pregnant: Cannabis smokers are becoming more numerous. Within this population are young pregnant women. They should be informed about the risks of marijuana. The pregnancy and childbirth seem somewhat threatened by this exhibition. However, later, the children are often more cognitive impairment.Inform to prevent. Some young pregnant women use cannabis

Is it bad to smoke weed while pregnant: what risk for the child?
Is it bad to smoke weed while pregnant: what risk for the child?

According to studies on the subject, 3% to 30% of women would smoke during pregnancy. Encouraged to stop smoking (cannabis use is seldom mentioned), some may compensate for signs of smoking cessation by one or two joints a day, while others might be tempted to resort to cannabis and against nausea first quarter vomiting.

Is it harmful or beneficial for the child that is born?

Research on the effects of cannabis on the developing baby is at best inconclusive and in the worst cases, confused. I have great sympathy for grass consumers who find themselves pregnant because they are faced with a difficult decision and have tiny information verified to decide to continue to consume or waived. My goal is to clarify this issue as much as possible because he always swims in troubled waters.

Cannabis use is the most important in the age group 18 to 25 years – which is also the most likely demographic group to reproduce. In the US, around 15% of the population are regular users among them, 3% of pregnant women. While medicinal cannabis is widely used in the case of many chronic problems, the subject of safety for pregnant women requires full attention. It is easy to imagine the worst about cannabis use during pregnancy as it goes for all little known drugs. However, while many women – consciously or not – take the risk of continually expose their unborn babies to possibly harmful substances, we can not say that this is usual among the grass consumers. Most women can not quietly continue their medication during pregnancy to take no risks. For many of them, this is a difficult decision.

Existing studies may be biased to the base because they relate only to the use of smoke. While research has concluded that the effects of cannabis smoke and tobacco are dissimilar (Recent reports have suggested that smoking marijuana can have a protective effect on the lungs), it is irresponsible to suggest that smoking any substance can be entirely beneficial to health. The studies should distinguish between effects during pregnancy smoked cannabis and other ways of consuming it as vaporization and oral ingestion.

It is important to inform them about the dangers of cannabis use during pregnancy.

Is it bad to smoke weed while pregnant: What are the effects of marijuana on the fetus and the child?

  • Regular consumption tends to decrease birth weight (modestly).
  • Marijuana use during pregnancy increases the risk of preterm delivery.
  • Newborns of mothers who used marijuana during pregnancy are more likely to sleep disorders.
  • In the first month, they exhibit more behavioral disorders: tremors, decreased the power of weeping and visual response to light stimuli.
  • Cannabis has a negative effect on growth, visible between 1 year and 9-12 years: small head circumference.
  • About ten years exposed children are more hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive.
  • They have more school problems (even if IQ is the same as other children): decreased capacity for abstraction, reasoning in relation to the visual sphere.
  • Some studies distinguish disorders depending on the period of exposure to cannabis. Thus, during the first trimester of pregnancy: memory disorders; during the second quarter: attention problems and impulsivity.
  • Other authors show increased learning difficulties in literacy and numeracy, and school failure twice as frequent.
  • And finally, these children are often anxious and depressed.
    In conclusion, cannabis during pregnancy significantly increases among newborns risk of behavioral disorders.

Currently, there are still few definitive conclusions: knowing that smoking marijuana is the least secure form of the drink and that, while there may be benefits for the mother, the damage that can be caused to the fetus could extend beyond them. For patients for whom it is a necessary medication, there is no way to know whether to continue with cannabis during pregnancy or move to a pharmaceutical alternative. For many, this is the starting shot will win: cannabis is the non-catastrophic drug with fewer side effects than many others. For these women there, the best we can advise them is to consume as little as possible (ideally, as a spray or as a tea) to avoid the potential negative effects.

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