How to manage disappointment with the announcement of baby sex?


How to manage disappointment with the announcement of baby sex?

You only dream of a girl or a boy, but the echo has just revealed that the sex of your baby is not the one hoped … To experience disappointment is very common in this case: discover the 3 Golden rules to manage and exceed it.

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How to manage disappointment with the announcement of baby sex?
How to manage disappointment with the announcement of baby sex?

First golden rule: do not blame

  • The disappointment with the announcement of the sex of the baby during the ultrasound is very often accompanied by a feeling of guilt: it is important to fight it because it only aggravates the malaise. For example, many mothers-to-be are bitterly reproaching themselves for being sad and disappointed, while the baby is healthy, their pregnancy is going well, there are so many women who dream of carrying a child, and so on.
  • If you recognize yourself in this description, rest assured: your disappointment is not abnormal, and you have no reason to feel guilty. You just suddenly “lose” the idealized future you imagined with your boy or daughter. What could be more natural than being disappointed?

The second rule: talk about what you are experiencing

  • To isolate herself in her disappointment and grief is a bad idea. It is better to talk about what you feel to regain your morale quickly. If you do not dare to do it with your loved ones for fear of being judged poorly, trust your midwife or obstetrician, who will find the words to reassure you.
  • Another idea: check out the Internet forums for pregnant women. You will find there without difficulty other mothers who have lived the same thing as you … What does not prevent them from being now happy with their child!
  • Do not hesitate to consult a psychologist if you are really too anxious about the sex of your future baby : it will help you understand the exact source of the problem (afraid to reproduce the same relationship as your mother if you have Girl, fear that your boy is as tyrannical as your brother in your youth) and to live your pregnancy more serenely.

Third rule: keep patience

Most of the time, it takes only a little patience for the disappointment once again to give way to the happiness of waiting for a child and the impatience to finally hold him in his arms. It often takes a few weeks or months to fully accept the idea of ​​having a little girl instead of a boy (and vice versa). In other cases, it is necessary to wait for the birth of the baby so that the problem is solved: nothing indeed that its creamy face to sweep away any feeling of disappointment! In short, do not worry: ultimately, you will be a mother fulfilled.

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