Homemade pregnancy test of our grandmothers


Homemade pregnancy test of our grandmothers: Pregnancy tests sold in pharmacies are so inexpensive that it was impossible for me not to buy one as soon as I had doubt. I was waiting impatiently waiting a few weeks to be sure that I was not going to have my period before I went to buy a test. I then looked at home pregnancy tests. These are grandmother tests done with your urine. Ah, how strong are our grandmothers! In fact, at the time, the tests did not exist, so our ancestors had to find methods to know if they were pregnant or not. I found a few who might be able to help you while waiting for the real test. I am not sure at all what it is worth, so each one does as she wants and believes what she wants, okay? The advantage of these tests is that it uses things that we all have at home.

Homemade pregnancy test of our grandmothers
Homemade pregnancy test of our grandmothers
  • The Needle Pregnancy Test

To start, you have to pee in a glass jar and place a new needle there. Close the jar and leave it in a dark place. If after 8 o’clock the needle starts to rust, it means that you are pregnant.

What I find constraining in this test is the 8-hour wait. It is too long when we are in a hurry to know the result. However, it is a method not too expensive when you have what you need at home to know a jar and a new needle.

• The pee test in glass

This involves peeing in a glass and placing it in the fridge overnight. A tip, warn people who live with you, you never know what they can do with; o)
In the early morning, if you are pregnant, whitish cloud forms in the glass.
Again, I find that the result is waiting too long anyway. However, some women say that after a few minutes, not having the patience to hold on, they have glanced at the glass and the white cloud has already formed.

• The coarse salt pregnancy test

Here again, you pee in a goblet and then add coarse salt. After 2 hours if all the salt has melted, you are pregnant. This test seems a lot of waiting time. 2 hours is quite reasonable.

• Pregnancy test with bleach

For this test, it is super fast. No need to wait several hours. For this, it is necessary to pee again in a cup or a glass and then add one cup of bleach. If foam appears and the whole becomes orange-colored, then you may be pregnant.

I want to warn you that these tests are not at all scientifically proven so if the result is negative this does not mean that you are not pregnant and the opposite even if the trial is positive, do not run full buy Baby business and announce it to everyone, before doing a real test with your gynecologist. These homemade tests such as Clearblue gender tests are not always reliable, and it is better to do a real blood test in the laboratory or ultrasound in the gynecologist to confirm.

Go as a bonus; I give you some tests to know the sex of the baby. Girl or boy? Careful to wait for the ultrasound of the 2nd quarter, then our grandmothers who had no echo had there also found tests to know the sex of the future baby.

• Depending on Mom’s character

It is a boy if the mother feels melancholy and dark on the left side. Moreover, it is a girl if she is cheerful and dark on the right side.
Um, I feel gay but not heavy neither on the right side nor the left … what does that mean?

• According to a pendulum on the belly

I was told about it when I was pregnant with my daughter. However, I never managed to do it; it changes every time. How does it work? A pendulum must be suspended above the belly. If it sways, you may be waiting for a boy, but if it turns, you would expect a girl.

• Know the sex of the baby depending on the shape of your belly

If it is a girl, your stomach is rounded and level. If it is a boy, your stomach points forward.
For my daughter, I had a rather sharp stomach. It’s weird. And for this 2nd pregnancy, I have the pointed belly too, so suddenly what to believe?

• Know the sex of the baby according to the moon

If the baby was designed between a white moon and a full moon, you expect a boy. On the contrary, if you have made your child between a full moon and a white moon, you may be expecting a girl.

• To know the sex of the baby according to the first word pronounced by your first

If you are first said “Mom” as the first word, your second should be a girl. On the other hand, if you are first said “dad” as the first word, it is a boy you expect.

My daughter said “Mom” first for my greatest happiness so that I would expect another girl? This method is a little odd all the same. We will see.

• One could know the sex of the baby depending on nausea.

It seems that if one has nausea during the first trimester, one would expect a girl. Otherwise, we would wait for a boy.

Bizarre because for my daughter, I had no nausea and for this pregnancy either. Well, it does not work every time. I remember one of my girlfriends had terrible nausea during most of her pregnancy and she had a boy.

Well, there are still quite a lot of recipes to know the sex of the baby. I’ll talk about it later.

Homemade pregnancy test of our grandmothers: A little caution is needed!

A Homemade pregnancy test? Why not! After all our grandmothers were already doing it! It remains that these great techniques are to be taken with hindsight and that their reliability is not proven. In the slightest doubt, the pregnancy test remains a safer way to find out if you are pregnant. Your pregnancy will then be confirmed by a blood test.

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