What herbs to avoid during pregnancy


What herbs to avoid during pregnancy: During pregnancy, certain foods are forbidden but also be aware that some herbs are cons-indicated and this due to their components. If you consume them in large quantities during pregnancy, it can be dangerous for the baby and can then go through the breast milk. So we give you a list of herbs in moderation during pregnancy.

What herbs to avoid during pregnancy
What herbs to avoid during pregnancy

Some herbs, dietary supplements or foods are not recommended during pregnancy for various reasons:

  • Presence phytohormones (plant hormones estrogen or progesterone type) that can create complications and hormonal problems.
  • Effect laxative which may cause contractions or even led to miscarriage.
  • Property pest (teratogenic) that can create defects in the fetus.
  • Increases or decreases significantly the blood pressure.
  • Effect astringent which may cause contractions or even led to miscarriage.
  • Increases blood flow and can cause bleeding.
  • Relax and release muscles too.
  • Constipated.
  • Etc.

In cooking, herbs are not harmful, but their essential oils can be. The encapsulated herbs and concentrated extracts can also be very dangerous for pregnant women.

At our diet, some foods can affect the pregnancy if taken in large quantities. The teas are also to be avoided because it is difficult to control the quality and concentration.

These plants can be found in various forms: Food, extracts, gel, oil, infusion, lotion, ointment, powder, capsules, mixes, spices.

Other herbs to avoid during pregnancy

• Garlic (to avoid in Q3 as it liquefies the blood and decreases the pressure)
• Aloe (in early pregnancy only)
• Absinthe
• Yarrow leaves
• huckleberry
• anemone pulsatile
• Chinese angelica
• wormwood
• Arthémise
• Basil (essential oil)
• bucktooth
• Shepherd’s purse
• buchu
• bearberry
• German chamomile, feverfew and chamomile common
• wild carrot
• Shark Cartilage
• Cascara sagrada
• catnip
• Chapparal
• Celandine
• Pumpkin
• Colchique
• comfrey
• ephedra
• barberry
• Eucalyptus
• Juniper
• Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus) or Korean
• Mistletoe
• kava kava
• lobelia
• holly leaf mahonia or mountain grape
• St. John’s wort
• black walnut
• Parelle or patient
• Pau d’arco
• podophyllum
• Pomegranate (seed)
• Horsetail
• Quinine
• Rhubarb
• ricin
• Safran (in large quantities)
• Sage
• white willow
• Sassafras
• goldthread
• senna
• groundsel
• Solidage
• Worry
• tansy
• Labrador tea
• Coltsfoot
• blue vervain

Herbs that can be used as herbs in small quantities

• real sweet flag
• angelic
• celery (except seeds and juice to avoid altogether)
• horseradish (especially not the fresh root)
• Pepper Spain
• Caraway
• cinnamon
• saffron
• fennel
• licorice
• hyssop officinale
• lavender
• lovage
• watercress
• marjoram
• oregano
• parsley (seed and root should be avoided altogether)
• anise
• rosemary
• sage
• thyme real

Herbs that can be used the final weeks and during labor

• yarrow
• Alchemilla common (especially during and after)
• Chinese Angelica (after delivery)
• Souci (postpartum externally for healing and in case of cracking mammillary)
• Shepherd’s purse (especially during and after childbirth)
• Grass bug (during the last 5-6 weeks and especially during childbirth)
• Cinnamon (during birth)
• Blessed thistle (in recent weeks)
• Myrrh (possibly during childbirth)
• Wild Yam (possibly during childbirth)
• Clove (last week and during delivery)
• Hydrastis (possibly during childbirth)
• Common juniper (possibly during childbirth)
• Motherwort (the final weeks and during labor)
• Lovage (useful for delivery long and painful)
• Nutmeg (in small quantities only during the last weeks of pregnancy)
• Basil (during birth)
• Raspberry (absorbing during the last 6-8 weeks for delivery)
• Sage (possibly during childbirth)
• Betony (the final weeks and during labor)
• Fenugreek (recent weeks and during labor)
• Verbena (provides excellent service in recent weeks, particularly during childbirth and while breastfeeding)

Herbs to avoid during pregnancy entirely

• Aloe vera
• mugwort
• Borage
• Incense
• Celandine
• Chicory
• quinquina
• bitter orange
• Horsetail
• wrack
• cotton Plant
• harpagophytum
• Hop
• common aunée
• Linen
• passionflower
• cherry red
• Buckthorn
• Cascara
• rhubarb root
• domestic sorrel
• Patience officinale
• senna
• thistle
• common chamomile
• Cat’s Claw
• Valerian
• periwinkle
• Mistletoe

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