Hemorrhoids: 4 Tips To Prevent And Get Rid Of


Hemorrhoids: 4 Tips To Prevent And Get Rid Of

Hemorrhoids, just like constipation, are part of the potential inconvenience of pregnancy. Painful, they usually occur in the third trimester. However, they are not inevitable. Some tricks, preventive and curative, indeed help relieve the hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids: 4 Tips To Prevent And Get Rid Of
Hemorrhoids: 4 Tips To Prevent And Get Rid Of

1. To avoid hemorrhoids, adopt a varied and balanced diet

In general, it is advisable to eat healthy when you are pregnant. This recommendation is all the more justified in cases of hemorrhoids. To prevent this problem, be sure to consume foods rich in vegetable fiber, especially apples and bananas eaten in compotes, green vegetables, red fruits or dried fruits (especially prunes). Also bet on vegetable oils that promote the fluidification of blood: linseed oil, nut oil or even hemp oil. Finally, avoid sausages, full rice, alcohol (pregnant!), Coffee, as well as spicy foods that tend to favor the emergence of hemorrhoids.

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2. To prevent hemorrhoids, do not forget to hydrate yourself enough

Constipation and hemorrhoids are two interrelated problems. Also, if you prevent any risk of constipation, you have a high probability of avoiding hemorrhoids. For this, one of the tricks unavoidable is simple: hydrate your organism throughout the day. Ideally, it is advisable to drink at least 1 liter and a half of water per day. You can perfectly vary the pleasures by tasting herbal teas, infusions, broths or even fresh fruit juices.

3. Do you suffer from hemorrhoids? Practice physical activity!

During pregnancy, exercising is essential to maintain physical fitness, but also to have a high morale. Another advantage, and not least: about 30 minutes of daily exercises relieve the attacks of hemorrhoids, acting directly on the blood circulation. After having first sought advice from your gynecologist or midwife, bet on activities compatible with pregnancy: walking, aqua gym, yoga or dancing.

4. Ice cubes to relieve painful hemorrhoids

  • The easy, quick and efficient way to put a handful of ice cubes in a terry glove or towel that you apply gently to the painful area is to make sure that the ice cubes are not in direct contact with your skin. Thirty minutes will be enough to stop the discomfort caused by the hemorrhoids. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation as often as necessary.
  • In the same way, you can also make baths of the seat in water cooled with ice cubes. After just 5 minutes you will feel the pain of the hemorrhoids diminish.

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