Care for my breasts


Care for my breasts: No, your chest is not doomed to fall after motherhood. The laws of gravity are not inevitable. You can, in a few gestures, tone your breasts and give them a gentle curve.

Care for my breasts
Care for my breasts

Beyond the discrete curves of a Cleavage, the breast is only a gland, buried in a heap of fat tissue. Supported by ligaments and skin, it rests with all its weight on two pectoral muscles. Its contour, its good behavior, therefore depend only on the tone of the skin, the ligaments, and the muscles of the neck. Moreover, that is up to you! Taking care of your breasts daily, it is a gesture of beauty, comfort but above all health.

Breastfeeding and breast care

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In the case of crevices on the nipple, check that your baby sucks properly, the navel against you, the chin on the chest, to take the largest surface in the mouth. When the feed is finished, feed the areola of the last milk beads spreading it over its surface. There are also specific creams in pharmacy. Weaning should be progressive. A brutal weaning in full rise of milk (the week following the birth), is the worst thing to do for the aesthetics of the breasts. Then plan a year of fitness: auto stresses, cold water jets, sunscreen, muscles of the pectorals, swimming, and patience, to straighten the bust and raise the breasts … because Social Security does not support this kind of surgery n! Note: after weaning, You can feel small cysts in the breasts. They are galactoceles, in canals whose milk is not completely evacuated. Do not touch them; they will disappear spontaneously in a few months.

Your Chest Transformed by Maternity

It is a legitimate anxiety of the future mothers: what impact will the pregnancy have on their bodies? The chest undergoes the effect of gravity: attracted to the bottom, it collapses irremediably with time. However, deep prejudice: no, breastfeeding does not damage the breasts! On the other hand, maternity transforms them. Doped by the hormones, the chest is preparing to assume its primary role: breastfeeding! The areola thickens, the breasts take on volume, and the skin relaxes, sometimes showing stretch marks. These small purplish traces are benign but do not disappear completely after childbirth. Stretch marks arise, especially on bright surfaces.

Choose a suitable bra

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Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra Reviews

Anticipating these little inconveniences begins with wearing a practical bra, comfortable and adapted to your breasts. Cute challenge! The back goes up, the suspenders fall? The chest is too large. Your breast is cut in half at the top of the bonnet or near the armpits, the armature spring? The hat is too small. A complex but essential choice, which may require the advice of a professional. Wearing it at night is not recommended. However, if you think it is necessary during pregnancy or breastfeeding, choose a comfortable bra and without braces, which does not compress the chest. Avoid “push up,” it damages the fabrics. On the sports side, always wear a specific bra that you have big or small breasts. Moreover, to breastfeed,

Tone your chest

To tone the bust and prevent the appearance of stretch marks, hydration and hydration must become a natural gesture. Use a moisturizing milk or oil, taking care to choose a compatible product and do not coat the nipple if you are breastfeeding. Here are the kind gestures to tone his chest: apply from the base of the chest to the clavicles, touching the breast like a wave; Right hand for the left breast and vice versa. Massage between the two breasts (the sternum) or under the armpit, making small circles, to stimulate the lymph nodes that eliminate the toxins. Then make an “eight” around your two breasts to allay the tensions. Practice regularly to know your breasts better and monitor their evolution.

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