7 Tips for a Natural Pregnancy


7 Tips for a Natural Pregnancy: More and more women want to experience their pregnancy naturally by taking care of their bodies and heads, but also by being actors of their childbirth. Here are some tips to become a future “nature” mom and give your baby the best.

7 Tips for a Natural Pregnancy
7 Tips for a Natural Pregnancy

Living a natural pregnancy

Choosing a Trusted Person (Midwife)

To live a pregnancy in a natural way is first to do your best to be as serene as possible during this period rich in turns. Not obvious, especially for a first baby. To get the most out of your business, call on someone you trust who will answer your questions and reassure you throughout the nine months. A friend, a member of your family or even a doula, can adequately fulfill this mission. The idea also is to be accompanied by a professional birth, always the same. Midwife liberal or gynecologist-obstetrician, you choose the one with whom you feel best. Some midwives offer comprehensive support at birth. This means that you follow throughout pregnancy, childbirth and practice are present in the postpartum. This follow-up is very much appreciated by mothers who want a more natural delivery and birth.

Opting for a natural diet: how?

This advice applies to all pregnant women, but even more so for those who are very sensitive to what is healthy and organic. You have to know, what you eat has an influence on your health and that of your baby. Whenever possible, favor fresh, organic and seasonal foods, and vary the cooking methods. Flee the additives, industrial products, light, aspartame … By opting for a more natural diet, you will (re) discover the nutritional and unsuspected virtues of certain foods. Did you know? Nuts are rich in omega-3, green vegetables in vitamin B9 (folic acid), calcium lenses. There are alternatives to white sugar, Such as agave syrup, rice syrup or barley syrup, otherwise more beneficial to health. No question of making a fixed on natural food: cracking on a chocolate bar or snacks from time to time will not put your baby’s health at risk, nor yours.

Focus on natural cosmetics

The endocrine disruptors are everywhere in the products we use every day, particularly in cosmetics. These synthetic or naturally occurring chemicals interfere with the hormonal system and cause more or less severe derangements. Your baby, because it is in full development, is particularly vulnerable to these substances. The Bisphenol A is the best known, but there are dozens more. On the David Suzuki Foundation website, you will find a list of 12 toxic substances to avoid. To limit the risks, privilege organic cosmetics. The original labels, BDIH, COSMEBIO or ECOCERT, Guarantee a minimum of ingredients of natural origin, no GMO, no synthetic dyes, silicone, paraffin or paraben. Attention, choose well-known brands (Essential care, Weleda) and always check the composition because organic products often contain essential oils (some are prohibited during pregnancy). Namely: the Omnium range offers natural care specially adapted to pregnant women.

To treat the minor ailments of the pregnancy by the alternative medicines

In the face of the reduced range of medication authorized when we are pregnant, we often tend to take our pain patiently, thinking that these inconveniences will eventually pass. This is a shame because there are natural remedies to relieve the common ailments of pregnancy. Herbal medicine and some probiotics help fight digestive problems like heartburn. The homeopathy can alleviate nausea and vomiting. This is also the case for several essential oils. Less well known, Bach flowers (floral elixirs made from flower essences) help you manage your stress and anxieties of a future mom. Beware, however, of self-medication; it is not because a cure is natural that it is safe during pregnancy. It is important that you seek advice from a specialist (doctor, midwife) before using these products.

Preparing for childbirth naturally

Like all future mothers, you will follow the preparation for the birth that your motherhood offers. In addition to these sessions, or instead, you can try other disciplines. Yoga, sophrology, prenatal singing (to name but the most well known), all these preparations are intended to help you better live your pregnancy by restoring your confidence. You will learn how to listen to your body and manage your emotions.

Make a birth project to be an actress of her childbirth

The delivery plan is the basis for a natural pregnancy and birth. It is important to anticipate, know what is right for us and what is expected on the day of delivery: ask to sift the lights, be able to walk during work, wait before cutting the umbilical cord … The idea is of course not to go against the medical imperatives, but to affirm its desires, as concretely as possible.

Choosing a maternity that meets our expectations

If you want to give birth naturally, it is important that you turn to a maternity that offers an alternative to nursing. More and more establishments now have natural birth rooms where women give birth to their children without an epidural, in a warm and soothing environment. In some regions, there are also structures that are similar to those of birth. Maternity centers that have been awarded the “baby-friendly” label promote breastfeeding and respect for the needs of mothers and babies. However, apart from these specialized services, Many institutions are open to different practices. Inquire …

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