5 sports to choose during pregnancy


5 sports to choose during pregnancy

You are kind of sporty and … pregnant. You are indeed wondering if you can still do an activity. It all depends on the work being planned, your training and your state of health. This brings benefits and relaxes you if you do not force it, and this is a gentle practice. However, then, what sports to practice during pregnancy? Here they are.

5 sports to choose during pregnancy
5 sports to choose during pregnancy

Why continue to practice a sport?

A priori, you have no reason to stop a daily sports activity (weekly ..) if it is not aggressive and you are in good health. “On the contrary, it can be a very pleasant time for you and your baby: from the moment you choose an activity that relaxes you and makes you feel good, you release endorphins that child feels!” “Says Marie Michel, a midwife. Choose for this a sporting practice all smooth. Always work your breath, it prepares you for childbirth!

Risky activities for pregnant women

Some activities are to be avoided, especially if they are violent and they expose you to a fall or some trauma. Even if you are experienced in these disciplines, you are strongly advised not to ski, riding or to climb because the risk of falling is too great. Athletics must be stopped at the end of the second month of pregnancy.

In general, combat sports where shocks are frequent should not be practiced. It also avoids the physical activities that put pressure on the perineum such as skipping rope, trampoline, tennis, running … All that gives you to “skip”!

Five sports advised during pregnancy

  • Walking: for all mothers-to-be, walking is a good way to move. It is a good alternative if you stop an activity incompatible with your pregnancy or you are not sporty.
  • Swimming: whether you are a right or wrong swimmer, swimming or aqua gym is the best sport during pregnancy with walking. In addition to its calming virtues, you improve your breathing, which is amply beneficial to prepare for childbirth. You also do your perineal work, and you strengthen your muscles. However, do not immerse yourself in water that is too cold to lower your body temperature and therefore the temperature of the fetus. Now baby must stay warm.
  • Yoga is both a sport and an excellent preparation for childbirth. The benefits are almost identical to those of swimming.
  • Pilates: This sport helps relieve some of the illnesses associated with pregnancy and better control it is breathing.
  • Cycling: contrary to popular belief, there is nothing to stop cycling during pregnancy, as long as the belly does not take up too much space (at least until the 5th month). The bike allows to ventilate and also serves to tone the perineum. Roll gently, to avoid the risk of falling. Obviously, the mountain bike is to be banished because the jerks are too important.

Know your control

Practice an activity, yes, but keep you clean. It is not a matter of tiring yourself more. You must know your limits. Any excess can be dangerous because it can lead to hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

You must also control your heart rate: take your heartbeat for 15 minutes and multiply by four to get the score in a minute. Be aware that in early pregnancy you are breathing out faster and your pulsations are faster.

In all cases, it is essential to seek the advice of your doctor.

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