10 Tips to Boost Fertility


10 Tips to Boost Fertility
When you want a child, you would like it to happen quickly. It is not uncommon to wait a year before getting pregnant and about 1 in 7 couples consult for fertility problems. So what do you do to increase your chances? Overview of the details that matter.

10 Tips to Boost Fertility
10 Tips to Boost Fertility

Making love … yes but not too much!

“Couples tend to want to” aim “for the good day absolutely! “Says gynecologist Anne de Karvasdoue. The sperm putting 48 hours to 72 hours to regain its properties “fertilizing” after a hug, needless to have reports morning and evening!

The good reflex: you make love once every three days out of ovulation phase, and every two days during the ovulation week (5 days before D-day, two days after). At this rate, one is sure to be at least once in the month in the “good period.” It does not guarantee to get pregnant, but it optimizes your chances. As for the ideal position, nothing has yet proved that the missionary increased the likelihood of the sperm to reach the cervix more quickly! However, if it can put some spice in the couple …

After the hugs, sleep well!

A Danish study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, found that men with sleeping problems had a sperm concentration of 29% less than those who slept longer. As for women, sleep would have an influence on the regulation of their ovulation.

The good reflex: to sleep well enough and to establish a certain regularity in the hours of bed and to rise.

Ensure your plate

“Diet is undoubtedly a major factor – still too neglected – in the prevention of infertility,” says dietician Laëtitia Agullo. Nutrition would be involved in ovulation and fertilization and would play a role in sperm quality.

The good reflex: we favor the low GI carbohydrates, the fibers (like legumes) which allow to better regulate blood glucose and omega 3, by consuming seafood and small fatty fish. The idea: fight against hyperinsulinemia, which harms female fertility by increasing the secretion of male hormones. Another fundamental element is vitamin B9 (or folic acid). It plays a role from conception. And not just for Madame! If it boosts hormones, vitamin B9 also raises the fertility level of the sperm. You can see his menus to include spinach, watercress, cheese, wheat germ or beer yeast.

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Testing homeopathy

To get pregnant, you need to have regular cycles and healthy ovulation. Not always easy after 15 or 20 years of pills.

The good reflex: make an appointment with the homeopath to establish a personalized order. The gynecologist and homeopath Claire Bialkiewicz advises, in particular, the taking of Folliculinum 7 or 9 CH to regain a regularity and Folliculinum 4 or 5 CH (3 granules per day) to stimulate ovulation.

To relax!

In the face of stress, our cortisol level increases, which translates into hyperinsulinemia, harmful if we want to conceive a baby. Nervous tension also affects the balance of sex hormones and can upset the libido.

The right reflex: we find solutions to relax (sport, breathing exercises, sophrology …), such as yoga, for example, that can be continued during her pregnancy.

To crush his last butt … to two!

Tobacco is one of the plagues of fertility. Moreover, this applies to women as well as of men. So we associate darling in his approach.

The good reflex: “It is carbon monoxide from burning tobacco that is toxic to fertility. “Explains Dr. Philippe Presles, a tobacco specialist. “Patches or electronic cigarettes, regardless of the method chosen as long as you can reduce your consumption and then stop smoking”.

Keep your testicles cool …

To function properly, testes should be maintained at 34 ° C. The skin around them is fragile and sensitive to temperature variations. The slightest increase hinders the quality and quantity of sperm produced and can be a source of infertility.

The good reflex: we sensitize his darling. Too tight jeans are to be banished, just like keeping the computer on its knees for too long.

Outdoor sports

An hour and a half of outdoor physical activity increase the sperm concentration of men who have participated in a recent Harvard last by 42%. Exposure to the sun and the production of vitamin D produced could be responsible according to the researchers.

The good reflex: we are planning an outdoor outing or an hour of running every weekend in love.

Maintaining a healthy weight

Obesity and overpaid affect the secretion of testosterone, the hormone that controls the manufacture of sperm and acts on their mobility. The sperm concentration decreases by 10% in overweight men compared to those of healthy weight.

The good reflex: we review its diet by ensuring the enrichment of B9 vitamins that boosts fertility. Moreover, before considering a significant weight loss, you talk to your doctor.

Periconceptional examination under the magnifying glass

This is the big health check up of women eager to have a child.

The right reflex: inform your general practitioner or gynecologist of your desire for pregnancy. It carries out a general health check (weight, blood pressure, vaccination, medical treatment in progress, family history …) and prescribes, if necessary, additional tests or supplementation (folate, iron …). The doctor also accompanies in the weaning aid (tobacco, alcohol).

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