Nervous pregnancy: how and why does it manifest?


Nervous pregnancy: how and why does it manifest?

Some women who have a strong desire for a child or who have a phobic fear of getting pregnant sometimes go so far as to unconsciously trigger all the symptoms of pregnancy … while they are not pregnant! Back on this particular phenomenon that is “nervous pregnancy.”

Nervous pregnancy: how and why does it manifest?
Nervous pregnancy: how and why does it manifest?

The manifestations of nervous pregnancy:

The symptoms are the same of a ” classic ” pregnancy:
– amenorrhea ( absence of menstruation )
– nausea, vomiting
– pain in the breasts
– weight gain

Nervous pregnancy: everything goes on in the head

The phantom pregnancy is a psychic phenomenon. Everything happens in the brain of the woman, who unwittingly desires a pregnancy or on the contrary, is frightened at the idea of ​​being pregnant.

The women most affected by this dysfunction are young girls (who want to get pregnant so much that they are convinced that they are pregnant ) or older women (who can not accept the fact that they can no longer procreate).
Other women, on the other hand, have a phobic fear of getting pregnant.

These two impulses (fear and envy) have the same action at the level of the hypothalamus, that of stopping the orders transmitted to the ovaries which lead to the stopping of the rules.

From there, through an unconscious autosuggestion mechanism, the woman’s body will initiate all signs of pregnancy (breast tension, nausea, and swelling of the stomach).

The realization of a pregnancy test makes it possible to be fixed on the reality or not of this pregnancy.

Psychological support

If despite pregnancy symptoms that are real, the woman does not turn out to be pregnant, psychological support may be considered to help her admit this reality. Such follow-up is all the more important as cases of nervous pregnancy are often linked to other problems: family problems, behavior problems, etc.

It will then be necessary to look for the causes, to analyze them and to undertake, in some cases, a therapy to avoid the risk of relapse.

It also happens that real health problems, such as ovarian dysfunction causing swelling of the uterus, give the woman the impression of being pregnant. If you have no reason to suspect a pregnancy and your abdomen is gaining volume, then it is best to consult a doctor.