Make love and sex positions to get pregnant


Make love and sex positions to get pregnant

To get pregnant, you must start by making love at the right time … Moreover, then, how to optimize the chances of pregnancy? In this matter, the wackiest advice is legion. Is there an ideal sexual position? Does orgasm promote fertilization? Five tips to give a little boost to chance.

Make love and sex positions to get pregnant
Make love and sex positions to get pregnant

Increasing Fertility

First of all, general health advice can help you optimize your chances of getting pregnant. As:

  • stop smoking,
  • Limit alcohol consumption,
  • adapt its diet,
  • conduct pre-conceptional examinations, etc.

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Choosing the Right Time to Make Love

First, the right moment has to be determined: the report must take place in the minutes close to ovulation, that is to say when a fertile egg is released from the uterus.

In general, this is around the 14 th day of the cycle (counting from the first day of the rules). Feel free to use our temperature curve application to optimize your chances or buy an ovulation test in pharmacy.

Once your period of ovulation is spotted, make love on the third day before and the third day after ovulation. Moreover, for gentlemen, it is advisable within three days before this date to refrain from any relationship, to preserve a high sperm count.

Little precision to end an accepted idea: making love before ovulation to have a daughter and the day of ovulation or after having a boy does not rest on any scientific basis.

Is there an ideal position to get pregnant?

First, it must be recognized that the ideal position to get pregnant is a myth!

However, it seems in any case preferable not to have gravity against oneself, and therefore to privilege the positions that will bring the sperm close to the cervix. Even if the spermatozoa can swim in all positions, and go only by chemical signals, so much easier!

The position of the missionary is therefore ideal, with all the variants where the woman is lying on the back or the side, such as the burst flower for example. The Greyhound also may be conducive, provided to manage well the changes of position! Avoid, on the other hand, the union of the lotus or the position of Andromache and all the configurations with the woman on the man.

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Does orgasm promote fertilization?

First, it should be noted that ovulation and orgasm are entirely independent. An egg ready to be fertilized is produced in every cycle, not just if you have an orgasm at the time of ovulation.

Nevertheless, some scholars argue that the fact that the woman reaches orgasm would make it possible to pass more spermatozoa into the uterus through the play of contractions.

In all cases, if orgasm is not a necessary condition, it is not a contra-indication to fertilization, so useless to deprive yourself!

After love, must we make the pear tree?

After love, you do not need to make the pear tree where the legs in the air! The sperm can not enter the uterus as in a funnel! These are the spermatozoa near the cervix that will cross swimming.

On the other hand, it is advisable not to get up right away and stay on your back for a few minutes: as much give their chance to pass to the greatest number. Some gynecologists advise to put a cushion under the pelvis or even to put the feet on the wall. However, there is no evidence of this.

In any case, no question of going to take a vaginal shower, at the risk of killing the sperm.

Moreover, do not forget the fun above all! Making love should not turn into an obsession if not stress, obligation … are all factors that may harm ovulation. The romantic moods, the little touches are at least as important as the “technical” advice to get pregnant.

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