How to Pregnancy Test?


How to Pregnancy Test?: When the possibility of pregnancy is necessary, a thousand questions on the best way to carry out its pregnancy test at home are installed as quickly as the doubt … Then follow the guide!

How to Pregnancy Test?
How to Pregnancy Test?

Nausea, stretched breasts, swollen belly and delayed menstrual periods are all signs of pregnancy. Faced with these symptoms, many people rush first to their pharmacist to get a urinary pregnancy test, a reliable and easy solution to quickly get the answer to all her questions. Here are six commands to follow to perform her urinary pregnancy test.

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The right time, you will choose

No need to rush to her chemist the day after an unprotected report: the beta-HCG (the hormone produced during pregnancy) is still undetectable, even by the most advanced of the screening devices sold In pharmacy. It is better to wait until at least one day late in its rules to be sure of the reliability of the result.

The notice, to the letter you will follow

Whether one chooses the best-selling pregnancy tester sold in pharmacy and part Pharmacy, presented in the form of a stylus with impregnator, or for any other support (tape, cassette), it is essential to refer to A to Z to the package insert of the product in question.
So we forget the advice of girlfriends, although well intentioned but often hazardous, and we rely on the instructions provided in the box of the test. According to Pr. Jacques Lansac *, gynecologist-obstetrician and former president of the French National College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF), the biggest cause of error in the results of urinary pregnancy tests comes from a failure to follow the procedure indicated on the notice. Moreover, of course,

The times stated you would respect

Whether it is the best time to test (from the presumed date of the rules, at least 19 days since your last unprotected report), from the time that the impregnator must remain under the spray, Urine or soak in the urine container (5 to 20 seconds), or time to observe before reading the results (1 to 3 minutes), the most important is to stick to what the record says Of the test you chose, no more and no less. For that, nothing is worth the precision of a watch or a stopwatch, because even if you are sure to have counted in your head, the emotion often alters the perception of time.

The best time of the day, you will choose

If Dr. Anne Theau, a gynecologist-obstetrician at the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul maternity in Paris, recommends using the first urine in the morning, concentrated after a whole night without going to the toilet (or almost), Most tests are accurate enough to detect the beta-HCG hormone at any time of the day. Provided, however, not to have drunk 5 liters of water after her sports course, which could dilute too much pregnancy hormones in the urine, and thus make it undetectable by the urine test. Also, avoid the trial in the rush of a pause, it is better to take the time to be sure to do things well.

Your calm, you will keep

Whether the test is positive or negative, and whether or not you want to be pregnant, the most important thing is to stay calm and not get carried away. Moreover, this, both at the time of realizing its test and when to read the results, even to ask someone who is emotionally objective and not necessarily implied to be present.

A second opinion, ask you can

Again, depending on whether one wishes to be pregnant, the reliability of the result may be crucial. Although pregnancy tests urine is reliable 99%, we can as desired, make a second urine test to confirm/refute the results of the first or ask your doctor for an order to perform a blood pregnancy test laboratory, More reliable than the urine test.

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