How to increase chances of getting pregnant


How to increase chances of getting pregnant

The smallest baby in a pram will soften you, and you envy pregnant women … in short, your desire for a child is there. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll probably hear a lot of contradictory information: but what are your chances of getting pregnant and how to optimize your chances of conception? Let’s do a check-in.

How to increase chances of getting pregnant
How to increase chances of getting pregnant

What are the chances of getting pregnant by my age?

If one says that it takes 6 to 12 months to get pregnant, one must also know that this is very related to the age of the woman.
Indeed age is one of the main factors of fertility (probability of conceiving a child).

In women, fertility is at the top around 25 years. It decreases gradually from 26 years, then strongly towards 38 years.
At 25, a couple has about 25% chance per cycle of conceiving a child. The average design time is 3-6 months.
At 35, the probability of having a baby is 12% per cycle, while at 42 years the odds are 6% per cycle. After 45 spontaneous pregnancies remain exceptional.

For example, 60% of couples whose women are 25 years old will have conceived after six months, 80% after one year and 90% after two years. These figures are divided by two when the woman is 35 years old and by 4 for a female of 42 years. Moreover, at age 42, only 12% of couples will have a child within two years.

Men are also concerned with the decline in fertility.

Contrary to popular belief, men’s age also affects the chances of conception: if 78% of men conceive within six months when they are under 25 years old, they are only 58% to do so over 35 years. The significant fall in fertility in men is around 45 years.

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How to increase my chances of getting pregnant?

1 – I choose the right days

To conceive a baby, you will have more chances by making love on “good days,” at the time of your fertile period.

It corresponds to the few days before and after ovulation, that is to the release of an oocyte by the ovary. This period depends on the length of your cycles.

Reminder: a cycle is the 1st day of the rules and the 1st day of the following standards. In an average 28-day cycle, ovulation usually takes place around the 14th day, but fertilization can occur during the few days preceding ovulation.
To spot your ovulation, you can monitor your temperature curve as well as your cervical mucus.
You can also use the ovulation test.

The fertile period is generally between 4 days before ovulation and 24 hours after ovulation.

Specifically, if you had your period beginning on the 1st of the month, and they ended, say, on the 6th, your ovulation will occur (if your cycle is 28 days) on the 15th of the month. Your “good period” therefore extends from the 11th to the 16th of the month. And during this time, have sex every other day if you want to increase your chances.

2 – I give myself a health check

Before starting a pregnancy, take stock of your overall health, including your medical history.
Are you up to date vaccinations? Are you immune to infantile diseases dangerous for the future mother (rubella, varicella )? Otherwise, your doctor will prescribe preventive exams and treatments.
Consult a dentist as a precautionary measure, as teeth and gums are very often weakened by pregnancy. Moreover, “abscesses can cause infections, releasing bacteria into the mother’s bloodstream, likely to reach the fetus,” said Frydman and Rufo.
Finally, do not take any medication without medical advice when you want to be pregnant. Avoid in particular:
– Aspirin
– Anxiolytics, tranquilizers, neuroleptics, and antidepressants
– Antibiotics

3 – I adopt a healthy lifestyle

There is no miracle recipe for getting pregnant. But by applying a few hygiene rules, you will optimize your chances of pregnancy.
– Stop smoking: several recent studies have shown that it decreases fertility in women and causes erectile dysfunction in men. Stopping smoking can take time. So think quickly of the method you will follow: patches, tablets, acupuncture, homeopathy or only will! Up to you.
– Stop your alcohol intake: which also alters fertility. And it is anyway totally forbidden during pregnancy, so much to get used to it without! All illegal substances are of course also completely banned before and during pregnancy.
– Avoid glycol ethers: these substances contained in certain household products, glues and paints “have harmful effects on sperm, blood, and embryo,” according to Professor Frydman. Read labels carefully before buying.
– Relax ! Sleep, relaxation and calm activities will facilitate the arrival of pregnancy. A relaxed organization is always more receptive.

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4 – I find the right weight and I stay there

If one wants to increase his chances of getting pregnant, certain habits are to be abandoned
– Diets to excess. Low pressure is a cause of infertility. Women who are too thin suffer from a lack of energy intake, which leads to a decrease in the production of pituitary hormones and disrupts ovulation. So, if you are too thin, eat a little more, this will promote the design.
– Conversely, many extra pounds or a significant variation in your weight (the “yo-yo”) can cause ovulation problems.
Eat healthy and balanced to maintain a “good” weight over time. To determine this ideal body weight, calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI).
Its formula: weight (in kg) / height (in meters)
Thus, if you weigh 64 kg for 1.68 m, your BMI is 64 / 1.68² = 22.6
It is considered that the ideal BMI for a future pregnant woman should be around 23-24. Adapt your weight, and especially stay there, your chances of fertilization will be boosted.

5 – What if I am on treatment?

Want to be pregnant and receive medical care? Caution !
Ask your doctor about the safety of your treatment.
It is during the embryonic period, that is to say, the first three months of pregnancy, that the primary organs are formed, and that the taking of drugs can prove to be very dangerous. “4 to 5% of the malformations observed at birth or in the first two years of growth of the child are due to the absorption of drugs or toxic,” reminds PR Frydman and Rufo.

If you have diabetes, you have to be well followed and maintain well-controlled diabetes for your health and that of the future baby.
If you are asthmatic, sprays are not prohibited. On the other hand, as soon as the pregnancy is detected, report it to the person who will follow you to prevent any crisis.
Depending on your health, your medical history and then your pregnancy, you will be referred to a maternity level 1, 2 or 3.
The care of your child and yourself will be more or less medical.
– A maternity level1: pregnancy without risk.
– A maternity level 2: ability to manage a pregnancy and a newborn requiring more complex care (such as resuscitation).
– A maternity level 3: intensive care.
Only your doctor may qualify your pregnancy as “at risk” or not.

6 – I hunt for ideas

Some current ideas linger about design. Paying attention is not necessarily serious, it’s just useless!
Here are the main ones:
– After sexual intercourse, you have to stay elongated, even your feet on the wall, so that the spermatozoa go more smoothly towards the egg …
False! The spermatozoa are equipped with a kind of small tail, (or flagella) which allows them to move on their own and to go to the egg. No need to “help” them!
– The pill must be stopped for some time before you can be pregnant.
False. Ovulation usually resumes as soon as the pill is stopped. Even if you have taken it for ten years without interruption, you may be pregnant the following month, stop.
-Some diets make pregnancy easier.
Wrong … or at least not proven! The only diet to advise before pregnancy is the one that favors vitamin B9. The latter helps to combat certain abnormalities and to limit the risk of miscarriage. It is found especially in the liver, foie gras, egg yolk, nuts or brie.

7 – I do not think that

Only one couple out of six conceives during the first month of contraception, and it is not uncommon to wait a year. So do not worry if your rules appear at the end of the month. The watchword is, therefore: patience!

The more you focus on your desire for pregnancy, the more likely you are to delay it. The psys often advise women who have this fixed idea to take care of something else: organize holidays, travel, flooring on a project taking … to make pregnancy easier!

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