How to have a girl: Tips That Work


How to have a girl: Tips That Work

How to have a girl? This question was asked by our grandmothers who thought that we should not eat bananas during the first months of pregnancy to get pregnant a girl. However, unfortunately for our grandmothers, their trick never worked!

The sex of the baby was previously a thing left to chance even if the parents want to have a baby of a particular sex. However, nowadays, scientists have invented more or less reliable methods to predetermine the sex of the fetus, and these methods are useful for women who want to discover how to get pregnant with a girl.

How to have a girl: Tips That Work
How to have a girl: Tips That Work

How to have a girl by choosing the time of the report?

Since the spermatozoa carrying the Y chromosome are the most fragile, it is possible that these spermatozoa destroy themselves before those carrying the X chromosome. You know that sperm can remain alive for up to 5 days in the vagina of the spermatozoa. Woman after being ejaculated. So women who want to know how to get pregnant from a girl should be aware how to calculate the best time to make the report so that Y sperm destroy before the day of ovulation and only the X chromosomes persist. This means that the best report should be done before four days of your ovulation. With this way, you can be sure that there is only the X in your vagina.

How to have a girl by Diet?

Women who wish to get pregnant should focus on foods rich in minerals and especially magnesium and calcium. You will find magnesium in fish, wheat germ, cashew nuts, ginger, almonds, brewer’s yeast, peanut butter, sandwich bread, anchovies, and rice. As far as calcium is concerned, you will find it especially in all products derived from milk and especially cheeses such as Gruyère, Gouda, Emmental, and other foods such as cinnamon, thyme, sesame seeds, canned sardines. It should be noted that you must start a diet rich in minerals four months before trying to get pregnant a girl.

How to have a girl by a shallow relationship?

This method is not scientifically proven, but the people who have tried it have said it can work well, so try to practice it. It is known that the spermatozoa that carry the X chromosome are faster than those that take the Y. During a shallow intercourse that is to say at the entrance of the vagina, the slow spermatozoa will have very little chance of reaching the oocyte and fertilizing it. On the other hand, only the fastest and most mobile spermatozoa carrying the X chromosome will have an opportunity to reach the ovaries. Moreover, it is by this way that you can increase your chances of getting pregnant from a girl. However, it should be remembered that the method has not been proved by scientists until now.

How to have a girl by Opting for an Acid Vaginal Shower?

Scientific research has shown that the spermatozoa that carry the X will be much more reliable in an acid environment while the other spermatozoa that carry the Y prefer the alkaline medium. So if you want to find out how to get pregnant a girl, just do a vaginal douche before doing sex with a slightly acidic intimate gel. You can also replace the friendly gel with a very little concentrated vinegar solution to have an acid medium favorable to X chromosomes. If you are not looking for how to get pregnant a girl and you want a boy then replace the acid solution with another based on bicarbonate of soda.

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How to have a girl: Lisa Olson’s Advice

In her Pregnancy Miracle guide, Lisa Olson tells how to get pregnant from a girl or boy quickly with exclusively natural care and therapies. The Pregnancy Miracle is a collection of information on the subject of conception and problems of infertility. It consists of 300 pages that address all causes of infertility in women and men. You will not only find the reasons for the delay in conception but also the natural therapeutic solutions through which you will discover how to get pregnant with a girl, a boy, or even twins.

the Pregnancy Miracle
the Pregnancy Miracle

The users of the Pregnancy Miracle are numerous in the world, and 98% of them are satisfied with the results. Below is an e-mail that I received from a dear reader.


Since my childhood, I have always dreamed of having a daughter who will be my daughter and my best friend at the same time. I love girls a lot, maybe because I have three brothers but not sisters. That is why after my wedding I always asked my gynecologist how to get pregnant from a girl. He told me that it is challenging to determine the sex of the baby and that this thing is done at random.

However, despite the continuous consultations with the gynecologist and the controls I did, I did not get pregnant either of a girl or a boy. My ovaries work regularly and my uterus too. My cycle is quite regular, and I have never detected any problems in my reproductive system before. So what’s the problem! The doctor told me that it might be due to psychological factors, but I could not be convinced that stress can prevent me from conceiving a girl as I always dreamed!

I did some research on the web to find out how to get pregnant with a girl and I found different electronic guides, but only one caught my attention not only with her title but with stories and testimonials. The Pregnancy Miracle was my choice, and now I certainly do not regret having chosen it because I have succeeded in conceiving two formidable girls who have changed my life.

Thank you, Nancy, for the information and advice that I find useful, practical, and quality.


When Lisa Olson wrote the book, her primary purpose was to satisfy you first and to help you overcome the design difficulties. Moreover, since the writing and publication of the book are expensive, she proposed a symbolic price to cover her costs and at the same time give you the opportunity to take advantage of her precious tricks and find out how to get pregnant a girl at the ” using simple procedures. Please also note that you will get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the results.

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